Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Carl Brutananadilewski

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Carl Brutananadilewski
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATHF Carl.jpg
Actor Dave Willis
First Appearance Rabbot
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 55 (as of season Three)
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Carl Brutananadilewski (voiced by Dave Willis) is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's neighbor. Balding, overweight, hairy, and usually wearing a gold chain, white tank top, pocketless sweatpants, and green flip-flops, Carl bears a resemblance to actor Dennis Franz and embodies the unmarriable bachelor. He has an above-ground swimming pool in his backyard and a red sports car named "2 Wycked". He and his possessions often end up being the unwitting victim of the Aqua Teens' enemies or the Aqua Teens themselves. He considers the Aqua Teens freaks, and would usually prefer to avoid contact with them.

Character History

Memorable Moments



  • New moon record, thats funny. So maybe you'd be the right person to ask, who wrote 'The Moon Rulzes #1' on my fricken car?!
  • I don't need no instructions, to know how to rock.
  • Frylock: Do you know what tonight is?
    Carl: Yeah. Tonight I'm downloading porn at 14 kilobits a second!
    Carl: Ha! I'm just kidding. I got a cable modem back here.