Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Meatwad

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATHF Meatwad.jpg
Actor Dave Willis
First Appearance Rabbot
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 55 (as of season Three)
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Meatwad (voiced by Dave Willis) is a spherical mass of compressed meat that was not approved for human consumption. He has a face sporting a lone tooth protruding downward from his upper gums. He has the power to change his shape into things such as an an igloo or hot dog. While he is usually simpleminded and gullible (removing his brain seems to have no effect), and thus easily influenced by the show's many unscrupulous characters, he does occasionally demonstrate a devilish capacity for manipulation and a mastery of deadpan sarcasm.

Character History

Memorable Moments



"Get your hellin' damn ass back in that bitchin' damn room, damn it!"