Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Frylock

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATHF Frylock.jpg
Actor Carey Means
First Appearance Rabbot
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 55 (as of season Three)
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Frylock (voiced by Carey Means) is a hovering red box of french fries, sporting a goatee, french fries for hair, dental braces, and a blue mystic jewel which is embedded in his back. He moves by levitation, and has the ability to shoot things such as lasers, freeze rays, or fireballs from his eyes, although sometimes useful yet puzzling things shoot out of his eyes, such as carbon dioxide used to put out flames created by Master Shake. He uses his fries as appendages and also possesses a "Frydar" that can pick up most any frequency or location. Frylock is scientifically-minded and usually the most sane and rational member of the team. His comedic role is usually that of the straight man.

Character History

Memorable Moments



"Yeah, we should've cloned 20s. Jackson wouldn't of given a [bleep]."