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The Muppets are the puppet characters created by Jim Henson. Although the name can be applied to many puppets that have been created by Henson and his associates, the term is usually applied to a handful of muppets (the oldest being Kermit the Frog and Rowlf the Dog), which have starred or been featured in numerous TV shows, as well as films and other media.


Major muppets

Character Actor #
Kermit the Frog Jim Henson 1955-1990
Steve Whitmire 1991-present
Rowlf the Dog Jim Henson 1962-1990
Bill Barretta 1996-present
Miss Piggy Jerry Nelson 1974
Fran Brill 1975
Frank Oz 1976-2000
Eric Jacobson 2001-present
Animal Frank Oz 1975-2000
Eric Jacobson 2002-present
Swedish Chef Jim Henson 1975-1990
Bill Barretta 1996-present
Sam Eagle Frank Oz 1975-2000
Kevin Clash 2002-2003
Eric Jacobson 2005-present
Statler Jerry Nelson 1975, 1992-2002
Richard Hunt 1976-1991
Steve Whitmire 2002-present
Waldorf Jim Henson 1975-1990
Dave Goelz 1992-present
Dr. Teeth Jim Henson 1975-1990
John Kennedy 1991-2003
Bill Barretta 2005-present
Janice Fran Brill 1975
Eren Ozker 1976-1977
Richard Hunt 1977-1991
Matt Vogel 2000
Brian Henson 2002-2003
Tyler Bunch 2005
David Rudman 2008-present
Zoot Dave Goelz 1975-present
Floyd Pepper Jerry Nelson 1975-2003
John Kennedy 2005-2006
Matt Vogel 2008-present
The Great Gonzo Dave Goelz 1976-present
Fozzie Bear Frank Oz 1976-2000
Eric Jacobson 2002-present
Scooter Richard Hunt 1976-1991
Adam Hunt 1999
Matt Vogel 2000
Brian Henson 2002-2003
Rickey Boyd 2005
David Rudman 2008-present
Dr. Bunsen Honeydrew Dave Goelz 1976-present
Beaker Richard Hunt 1977-1991
Steve Whitmire 1992-present
Camilla the Chicken Jerry Nelson 1978-2003
Alice Dinnean-Vernon 2005
Matt Vogel 2008-present
Rizzo the Rat Steve Whitmire 1980-present

Additional Muppets from The Muppets Show

Sesame Street Muppets

Muppets from the 1980s and 1990s

Muppets from the 2000s

TV-shows starring the Muppets

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Sam & Friends Children's entertainment WRC-TV 1955–1961
Our Place Variety show CBS 1967
Sesame Street Children's educational PBS 1969–present
The Muppet Show Variety show Syndication 1976–1981
Muppet Babies Children's animated CBS 1984–1990
Little Muppet Monsters Children's entertainment CBS 1985
The Jim Henson Hour Variety show NBC 1989
Muppets Tonight Variety show ABC 1996
Disney Channel 1997–98
The Muppets Mockumentary comedy ABC 2015–2016

TV-shows featuring regular Muppets segments

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Jimmy Dean Show Variety show ABC 1963–1965
The Mike Douglas Show Daytime talkshow Syndicated 1966–1979
The Ed Sullivan Show Variety show CBS 1966–1971
Saturday Night Live Late-night sketch show NBC 1975–1976

Webshows starring the Muppets

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony Movie review show 2005–2006
The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora Cooking show 2010–2010
Hasty Tasty Cooking Tips with Cat Cora & the Muppets Cooking show 2010–2010

Telefilms starring the Muppets

Title Network Airdate
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie NBC November 29, 2002
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz ABC May 20, 2005

TV Specials starring or featuring the Muppets

Title Network Airdate
Hey Cinderella! CBC March 16, 1969
The Muppets on Puppets NET January 5, 1970
The Great Santa Claus Switch CBS December 20, 1970
The Frog Prince Syndication May 12, 1971
The Muppet Musicians of Bremen Syndication April 26, 1972
The Muppets Valentine Show ABC January 30, 1974
Out to Lunch ABC December 10, 1974
The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence ABC March 19, 1975
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas HBO December 17, 1977
The Muppets Go Hollywood CBS May 16, 1979
John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together ABC December 5, 1979
The Muppets Go to the Movies ABC May 20, 1981
Of Muppets & Men: The Making of The Muppet Show Syndication January 21, 1981
The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show ABC September 17, 1982
Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and The Muppets ABC May 12, 1983
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years CBS January 21, 1986
The Christmas Toy ABC December 6, 1986
The Tale of the Bunny Picnic HBO March 26, 1986
A Muppet Family Christmas ABC December 16, 1987
The Muppets at Walt Disney World NBC May 6, 1990
The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson CBS November 21, 1990
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree CBS December 6, 1995
Studio DC: Almost Live (I) Disney Channel August 3, 2008
Studio DC: Almost Live (II) Disney Channel October 5, 2008
A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa NBC December 17, 2008
Lady Gaga and the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular ABC November 28, 2013

Multi-franchise TV Specials featuring Muppets

Title Network Airdate
Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue April 21, 1990
The Earth Day Special ABC April 22, 1990

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