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Season Nine
Stargate SG-1
Season Premiere July 27, 2005
Season Finale March 10, 2006
Episode Count 20

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Season Ten

Season Nine of Stargate SG-1 premiered on July 27, 2005.

Richard Dean Anderson leaves the show and Amanda Tapping takes maternity leave for the first five episodes. Ben Browder and Claudia Black replace them each respectively. Beau Bridges joins the cast replacing Don S. Davis who left the previous year.

Stargate's first foray into Arthurian mythology starts off mysteriously.

Michael Shanks did not mince his words when he mentioned that the ninth season would be akin to starting over. With new cast to replace some and supplement other old ones, one would expect a completely different dynamic from what was seen in the first eight seasons of the episode. This marks the debut of Browder and Bridges into the realm of Stargate. These, combined with the fact that this season starts with a trilogy indicates that the first episode of the ninth season is nothing short of a pilot with a strong emphasis on character development, especially that of Colonel Mitchell played by Ben Browder and Vala played by Claudia Black.

With the most of the Gao’uld killed or defeated and the remaining in hiding, one is left pondering over the storyline of the ninth season. In keeping with its tradition that implies all mythology is true with a strong alien influence, this episode draws a connection between realm of Arthurian mythology and the Ancients. The adventure starts off with Browder being incorporated as an integral part of stargate even before. When Vala forces Daniel Jackson to miss the trip to Atlantis on board the Daedalus, he is forced to help her translate a coded Ancient scroll to find what Vala believes, is a source to buried treasure.

Claudia Black is charming as usual and keeps up the traditional sci-fi humor. Ben Browder successfully teams up with Black again and there is even a smart reference to their previous involvement in the hit Sci-Fi series, Farscape. On the whole, it seems that season nine has got off to a good, but mysterious start. However, only time will tell if the cast comes together as well as they did in the previous eight seasons.


# # Title Airdate
175 1 Avalon (1) July 15, 2005
176 2 Avalon (2) July 22, 2005
177 3 Origin (3) July 29, 2005
178 4 The Ties That Bind August 5, 2005
179 5 The Powers That Be August 12, 2005
180 6 Beachhead August 19, 2005
181 7 Ex Deus Machina August 26, 2005
182 8 Babylon September 9, 2005
183 9 Prototype September 16, 2005
184 10 The Fourth Horseman (1) September 16, 2005
185 11 The Fourth Horseman (2) January 6, 2006
186 12 Collateral Damage January 13, 2006
187 13 Ripple Effect January 20, 2006
188 14 Stronghold January 27, 2006
189 15 Ethon February 3, 2006
190 16 Off the Grid February 10, 2006
191 17 The Scourge February 17, 2006
192 18 Arthur's Mantle February 24, 2006
193 19 Crusade March 3, 2006
194 20 Camelot March 10, 2006

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