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Season Ten
Stargate SG-1
Season Premiere July 14, 2006
Season Finale June 22, 2007
Episode Count 20 + 1 special

Season Nine


Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Season Ten of Stargate SG-1 premiered on July 14, 2006


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate
195 1 Flesh and Blood Robert C. Cooper William Waring July 14, 2006
As their battle with the Ori continues, the team struggles to reunite and formulate a plan to defeat their enemy. Vala, still aboard an Ori ship, watches as her newly born child quickly ages and is molded to lead the Ori army.
196 2 Morpheus Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Andy Mikita July 21, 2006
On a mission to find a weapon that will defeat their powerful foe, the team finds a planet whose inhabitants were killed by a mysterious illness, and unwittingly fall victim to the illness themselves.
197 3 The Pegasus Project Brad Wright William Waring July 28, 2006
SG-1 travels to the Pegasus Galaxy and the city of Atlantis in hopes to find a clue to a weapon that can destroy the Ori.
198 4 Insiders Alan McCullough Peter F. Woeste August 4, 2006
The team makes a pact with an old enemy to fight their common foe, and the results are disastrous.
199 5 Uninvited Damian Kindler William Waring August 11, 2006
SG-1 struggles to control a rash of brutal attacks by an elusive and savage alien creature.
200 6 200 Brad Wright &
Robert C. Cooper &
Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie &
Carl Binder &
Martin Gero &
Alan McCullough
Martin Wood August 18, 2006
A reluctant SG-1 assists Martin Lloyd with his feature film script as a cover story to keep the Stargate Program secret.
201 7 Counterstrike Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Andy Mikita August 25, 2006
When the Jaffa modify an Ancient device so that it is capable of defeating the Ori, Adria leads an attack on Dakara.
202 8 Memento Mori Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Peter DeLuise September 8, 2006
When Vala is kidnapped by Trust members acting under the orders of the Goa'uld Athena, an accident causes her to lose all memory of who she is and where she came from.
203 9 Company of Thieves Alan McCullough William Waring September 15, 2006
Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell goes undercover to track down the Odyssey, which SG-1 believes was hijacked by the Lucian Alliance.
204 10 The Quest (1) Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Andy Mikita September 22, 2006
SG-1 finds the planet where they believe the Sangraal is. Forced to forge temporary alliances with Adria and Ba'al they undertake a quest to find it.
S1 SP Stargate Mythology April 13, 2007
205 11 The Quest (2) Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Andy Mikita April 13, 2007
Discovering the frozen body of Merlin, SG-1 works to help him build the Sangraal before Adria and her Ori army can track them down.
206 12 Line in the Sand Alan McCullough Peter DeLuise April 20, 2007
Hoping to use Merlin's phasing device to hide a village from the Ori army, something goes wrong forcing Mitchell and a critically injured Carter to hide themselves out of phase from an occupation of Ori soldiers.
207 13 Road Not Taken Alan McCullough Andy Mikita April 27, 2007
An experiment goes wrong leaving Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter trapped in a parallel reality where martial law has been enforced and Earth is under attack from the Ori.
208 14 The Shroud Robert C. Cooper &
Brad Wright
Andy Mikita May 4, 2007
When Daniel Jackson turns up as a Prior asking SG-1 to aid him in a plan that might very well be a trap, it's up to Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill and the team to not only save Jackson's life, but possibly end the war with the Ori once and for all.
Teleplay by Robert C. Cooper
209 15 Bounty Robert C. Cooper and
Ron Wilkerson
Peter DeLuise May 11, 2007
After Netan, and the Lucian Alliance, are undermined by SG-1 yet again, he decides to put a bounty out on their heads.
Teleplay by Damian Kindler
210 16 Bad Guys Ben Browder &
Martin Gero
Peter DeLuise May 18, 2007
Mistaken for rebels on an alien planet, SG-1 must play the part of hostage takers in hopes to buy themselves enough time to be rescued before they're executed.
Teleplay by Martin Gero
211 17 Talion Damian Kindler Andy Mikita June 1, 2007
Barely surviving the bombing massacre of a peaceful Jaffa summit, Teal'c must go rogue to track down and stop a Jaffa leader named Arkad who plans to take control of the Jaffa nation and deliver them to the Ori.
212 18 Family Ties Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Peter DeLuise June 8, 2007
Vala's father Jacek contacts Stargate Command wishing to trade information about a series of planned attacks on Earth in exchange for sanctuary on the planet.
213 19 Dominion Alex Levine William Waring June 15, 2007
In an elaborate plan using Vala Mal Doran as bait to capture Adria, SG-1 themselves are surprised when Ba'al intercepts Adria from under them to use in his own evil plan.
Teleplay by Alan McCullough
214 20 Unending Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper June 22, 2007
With extinction imminent, the Asgard hand over all their knowledge and technology to SG-1, but not before the Ori launch an attack trying to intercede.

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