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Nick at Nite
Started July 1, 1985
Network Nickelodeon
Time Late-night, seven days a week
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Nick at Nite (sometimes rendered Nick @ Nite) is an evening programming block broadcast over Nickelodeon Sunday–Thursdays from 9 PM–6 AM and Friday–Saturdays from 10 PM–6 AM Eastern and Pacific. Nickelodeon is known for its kids' shows during the day, while Nick at Nite appeals to adult audiences with a lineup of classic television; largely Viacom-owned syndicated sitcoms shown with about a ten-year lag. The first program on Nick at Nite is Dennis the Menace. Nick at Nite is treated in the Nielsen ratings as a separate television network from Nickelodeon, despite being aired on the same channel. This is due to their vastly different target demographics allowing the average Nielsen data to be more useful to advertisers.

The lineup now mostly consists of late 1980s, 1990s and 2000's hits. Many current Nick at Nite viewers are adults of age 25-54 who like to revisit the old sitcoms and wax nostalgic about the quality programming that came out of that time period. Originally, the network aired shows from the 50's and 60's, but when the nostalgia train of the baby-boomers got displaced by aging Gen-X'ers, the content focused on the 80's.

Most shows air as a "Double Take"—two episodes back-to-back. Some of the shows are aired as two "Double Take" blocks, so four episodes are shown each night. Sometimes they'll go as high as three blocks consisting of six episodes. Nick at Nite runs these shows seven nights per week.

Nick at Nite debuted on July 1, 1985. Its initial programming included Camp Nickelodeon, which was an 8-9 p.m. block of old sitcoms such as The Donna Reed Show and Dennis the Menace and 1 a.m. of Route 66.

Nick at Nite has also spun off a niche network, TV Land, which features older programming, even outside the sitcom genre.


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