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Kitchen Confidential/Season One

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Season One
Kitchen Confidential
Kitchen Confidential S1 Cast.jpg
Season Premiere September 19, 2005
Season Finale December 5, 2005
Episode Count 13

Season One (2005) of Kitchen Confidential debuted on September 19, 2005. However, after only three episodes were aired, the series was interrupted by the World Series and then delayed further by reruns of Prison Break. After the prolonged break, a fourth episode was aired before FOX pulled the plug entirely on December 5, 2005.

The complete series was aired for the first time on Seven Network in Australia in 2006 and began airing end of 2006 on TV 3 in New Zealand.


# # Title Airdate
1 1 Exile on Main Street September 19, 2005
2 2 Aftermath September 26, 2005
3 3 Dinner Date with Death October 3, 2005
4 4 French Fight December 5, 2005
5 5 You Lose, I Win unaired
6 6 Rabbit Test unaired
7 7 Let's Do Brunch unaired
8 8 Teddy Takes Off unaired
9 9 The Robbery unaired
10 10 Praise Be Praise unaired
11 11 An Affair to Remember unaired
12 12 Power Play unaired
13 13 And the Award Goes To... unaired