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The timeline for this show is particularly confusing for three reasons: First, the show takes place in several different time zones. Secondly, the way the episodes are structured, one character's story could take place over the course of a few hours on one day, and in the same episode, another character's journey could take place over two or more days. Thirdly, there is time-travel involved, and that always gets messy.



  • The Odessa paper in "Don't Look Back" gives the date as October 1, and reports on the train fire from "Genesis". James Walker is found dead this same day.
  • In "Fallout", Mohinder says that James Walker was killed 9 days ago, making that Day 11, thus the episdoes in-between happen between October 1
  • "Collision", "Hiros", "Better Halves", and "Nothing to Hide" happen on consecutive days.
  • The explosion of New York happens five weeks after the events in "Genesis".

Before "Genesis"

Genesis-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
335 Years BG 1671 The Origin of the legend of Takeso Kensei 2x01 - Four Months Later...
45 Years BG 1961 "The Company" invented by Angela Petrelli, Daniel Linderman, "Bobby" Bishop and Charles Deveaux. 3x23 - 1961
44 Years BG 1962 Paul E. Sylar born. 1x03 - One Giant Leap (Clipping in Chandra Suresh's apartment)
44 Years BG 1962 Primatech Paper Company formed. 1x08 - Seven Minutes to Midnight
17 Years BG 1989 Claire Bennet born. NBC Website
15 years BG 1991 Mr. Bennet joins Primatech Paper and is partnered with Claude Rains, who was in the meeting but only revealed himself once Bennet agreed to the terms and conditions. 1x17 - Company Man
14 Years BG 1992 Claire's biological parents were "killed" when Mr. Bennet tried to take them to study their powers. She was adopted by Mr. Bennet. 1x08 - Seven Minutes to Midnight
14 Years BG 1992 A teenage haitian is recruited to the Company and erases Sandra's memory because she suspects Noah of being a serial killer. 1x17 - Company Man
7 Years BG 1999 Bennet has orders to kill Claude because of a "security breach". Claude doesnt reveal who he's hiding from the company, so Bennet shoots himin the side, Claude disappears. 1x17 - Company Man
3 Years BG 2003 Mr. Bennet is trying on glasses, when Claire asks if she'll need glasses, he reveals she's adopted. They decide on horn-rimmed glasses. 1x17 - Company Man
1 Year BG 2005 Arthur and Angela Petrelli's 41st wedding anniversary, Nathan wants to prosecute Mr. Linderman. (Arthur's biggest client), which leads up to a car accident. 3x08 - Villains
6 Months BG 2006 Heidi Petrelli is paralyzed in a car accident unintentionally caused by her husband, Nathan. 1x07 - Nothing to Hide
6 Months BG 2006 Niki Sanders' estranged father Hal returns. 1x10 - Six Months Ago
6 Months BG 04/24/2006 Hiro traveled to the past and was at Charlie's birthday party in Midland. 1x08 - Seven Minutes to Midnight
5.5 Months BG 05/09/2006 Jessica Sanders robs a sports bar and kills D.L.'s crew, framing him. 1x06 - Better Halves

Season One

Genesis-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
Day 1 10/01/2006 Claire runs into a fire and saves someone. Peter attempts suicide 1x01 - Genesis
Day 2 10/02/2006 Hiro teleports to the future. James Walker is found dead. 1x01 - Genesis
1x02 - Don't Look Back
Day 3 10/03/2006 1x
Day 4 10/04/2006 1x03 - One Giant Leap
Day 5 10/05/2006 Niki and Nathan meet in Las Vegas. 1x04 - Collision
Day 6 10/06/2006 1x05 - Hiros
Day 7 10/07/2006 1x06 - Better Halves
Day 8 10/08/2006 1x07 - Nothing to Hide
Day 9 10/09/2006 Sylar kills Charlie. 1x08 - Seven Minutes to Midnight
Day 10 10/10/2006 Sylar attacks Claire. Peter saves her. Sylar is captured, Peter arrested. 1x09 - Homecoming
Day 11 10/11/2006 Mohinder returns to New York.Matt interrogates Peter, Mr. Bennet and Claire by reading their minds, but is unable to find anything. Isaac contacts Hiro. Peter is released, but falls into a coma. Sylar shoots Eden. Niki hands herself to the police to protect her family from Jessica. The haitian makes the Bennet family (excluding Claire) and Zach forget about homecoming, Claire has to pretend she can't remember it. 1x11 - Fallout
Day 12 10/12/2006
Day 13 10/13/2006
Day 14 10/14/2006
Day 15 10/15/2006
Day 16 10/16/2006
Day 17 10/17/2006
Day 18 10/18/2006
Day 19 10/19/2006
Day 20 10/20/2006
Day 21 10/21/2006
Day 22 10/22/2006 Eden's dead body is found in a lake with bullet wound to head. Suspected of suicide 1x
Day 23 10/23/2006
Day 24 10/24/2006
Day 25 10/25/2006 Claire comes to difficulties in her and the haitian's deal. Linderman drops all charges against D.L. The death penalty is considered against Niki, but after signs of schizophrenia are shown, she is put into a mental institution. The FBI search Primatech, but only find paper. The haitian stops Matt from reading minds.Hiro tries to get the Kensei sword at the museum, but realizes Linderman has the real one. Peter wakes up screaming and goes to find Claude, he succeeds. Mr. Bennet goes to Mohinder's house and talks to him about Eden and a partnership involving the list. Simone arranges Hiro to meet Linderman. 1x12 - Godsend
Day 26 10/26/2006
Day 27 10/27/2006
Day 28 10/28/2006
Day 29 10/29/2006 Sylar is imprisoned and on amphetamine in one of the company's cells, is presumed dead, but then kills his medic (Hank, who pretended to be Claire's biological father by Mr. Bennet's request). Nathan gets Mohinder's help in looking for Peter, he is at the top of the Deveaux building, wanting Claude's help with his abilities. He refuses, but later reconsiders. D.L. attempts to rescue Niki to help with the rent. Micah later gets money by tricking an ATM. She stays in the institution for his safety. Matt gets suspended for six months. Janice is pregnant. Hiro and Ando are kidnapped and taken to Hiro's father. Claire contacts her biological mother (Meredith Gordon, who has the ability to produce fire from her hands.) with the Haitian and Zach's help. 1x13 - The Fix
Day 30 10/30/2006 Claude starts traing Peter when they oversee Isaac and Simone kissing on the Deveaux rooftop. Claude later pushes Peter off the roof in aan attempt to make him fly, intead he remembers Claire and heals when he hits the roof of a taxi. Isaac paints a picture of this after several attempts to paint him but failing because he was invisible. Sylar escapes the company and waits for Claire (whilst she is visiting Meredith and they are showing each other their abilities), when he almost kills Sandra, Mr. Bennet and the haitian enter and make her forget. Hiro's dad wants him to return to Yamagato Industries for an executive vice president because he doesnt believe his mission (and there are financial troubles). Hiro's sister Kimiko takes the job. Hiro cintinues his mission. All charges are dropped against Niki (even after Jessica attacks her psychiatrist with a taser) because Linderman intervened and she retuns home, although Jessica is still superior. Claire's father is revealed to be Nathan. 1x14 - Distractions
Day 31 10/31/2006 Meredith accepts $50,000 from Nathan not to let the info that Claire is alive ruin his reputation, and sees a phone picture of Claire taken by Meredith, as he leaves the trailer, Claire throws a rock at the car, smashing the window, Nathan looks back but doesn't see anyone, because she had run away. Nuerologists see Sandra because of her increasing memory loss, (including of Claire and Mr. Muggles.)Later she faints when Claire mentions it. Matt becomes bodyguard for Mr. Malsky-(a business man who is making a diamond deal with a gangster)-who is also the target of Linderman's assasin (Jessica) because he stole 2 million dollars from him. This ends with Matt narrowly surviving being thrown out of a window and taking the diamonds, Mr. Malsky being shot by Jessica and her returning home for her next target(Nathan). Janice urges Matt to call the police about the diamonds but he is called to a cemetary by Ted snd Hana Gitelman (a woman who can access internet without electricity) to help take down the company. Hiro and Ando are at a hotel near Linderman's headquarters, where they get tricked into finding a purse for a Vegas dancer called Hope, this results in a shootout at a gas station where Hiro unawarely reverses time and saves his life. Zane Taylor calls Mohinder on helping his ability (melting things), but Sylar gets there beforehand and takes it. Mohinder than arrives and decides to take 'Zane' on his journey to find the remainers of the list, Sylar kills a woman with super hearing, with Mohinder still not knowing Zane IS Sylar. Peter can control his abilities thanks to Claude, but when the Company get to them (Isaac gave them the destination) Claude runs away from him becuse he was running away from the company. 1x15 - Run!
1x16 - Unexpected
Day 32 11/01/2006
Day 33 11/02/2006
Day 34 11/03/2006 Ando gets told to go back to Japan as he continues his mission. Peter attacks Isaac in his apartment, he goes invisible and Isaac accidentally shoots Simone, they both watch her die.The NYPD come to investigate Simone but Candice arrives as her and they leave, Candice reveals herself then gives him condolences and goes back to the Company. Ted and Matt wait for the Bennets to come back from hospital to question the father. Claire reveals to Matt she can heal, which comes in useful when Ted is about to shoot Sandra, Bennet thinks the order to shoot Claire, so Matt does. Bennet and Matt have an hour to get the files on Ted from Primatech before he blows up the house. They get them, but the boss (Thompson) shoots Ted and the house catches on fire, everybody escapes the house except Claire, who tranquilizes Ted before he blows up. Ted and Matt are kept in Primatech because of low health. (Candice Wilmer is the new medic). The haitian pretends to erase Bennet's memory (the Company later figure out he hasnt and Bennet is in their custody) then is on the run with Claire, she runs off and he waits at Angela Petrellis house for her. She arrives there looking for Peter, at this point Peter is at Mohinder's apartment to find Mohinder stuck to the roof becayse he confronted 'Zane' on his true identity - Sylar! Sylar then slices Peter's head. Nathan has to wear a wire to help the FBI prosecute Linderman, but after the agents get killed, he decides to kill Linderman, but after Linderman offers him a place in the whitehouse, he changes his mind. Hiro and Ando steal the real Kensei sword and teleport five years into the future. 1x16 - Unexpected
1x17 - Company Man
1x18 - Parasite
Day 35 11/04/2006
Day 36 11/05/2006
Day 37 11/06/2006
Day 38 11/07/2006
Day 39 11/08/2006 1x23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man

Between Season One and Season Two

Season Two

Genesis-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
Day 160 03/08/2007 2x01 - Four Months Later...


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