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Noah Bennet ("Horn-Rimmed Glasses")
Heroes-Mister Bennet.jpg
Actor Jack Coleman
First Appearance 1x01 - Genesis
Series Billing 1x01 to 1x10: Guest Star
1x11 to Present: Main Star
Episode Count 32 (through season 1)
Notable Episodes 1x08 - Seven Minutes to Midnight
1x11 - Fallout
Cx11 - Fathers & Daughters

Noah Bennet, also known as "Horn-Rimmed Glasses" (HRG), is the adopted father of Claire Bennet, and is part of a group tracking people with abilities. He is played by Jack Coleman and has appeared in almost every episode to date.


Basic Information

Mr. Bennet, seems to be pursuing various supers and those "in the know" for unknown reasons, and appears to be very knowledgeable in regard to the existence of those that possess special abilities. He uses the "Primatech Paper Company" as a front for his organization. His family adopted Claire when she was three, after her "special" parents died. He genuinely does love Claire as his own daughter, and wants to protect her. He does not belong to any organization that has initials. He seems to be able to travel from place to place with unusual speed, although it is unknown if that is a power, a private jet at his disposal, or merely the way the episodes are edited. He is often accompanied by an accomplice, a tall, bald Haitian man who has the power to inhibit telepathic abilities and erase memories (he can possibly also absorb memories).

Season One

Mr. Bennet was in Chandra Suresh's Madras apartment very quickly after Chandra Suresh's death. He found almost everything he was looking for there except Chandra's computer. He went to New York City shortly thereafter, and had a chance encounter with Mohinder Suresh in a cab, and deliberately made Mohinder so nervous after mentioning his father that Mohinder stopped the cab and ran.

Mr. Bennet noticed the story in the Odessa paper about a cheerleader saving a man from a burning train. Claire asked him about trying to contact her adoptive parents, and he said it could take some time, but he will try. Mr. Bennet somehow stole or had someone steal the video Zach took of Claire regenerating and said "It really does break my heart [that I can't protect you forever]," to himself as he watched it.

Mr. Bennet had "The Haitian" man abduct Matt Parkman from a Los Angeles bar, and took him to a testing facility in an unknown location. He told Matt to relax. They are testing his resting rate. Matt asked him if he's FBI or CIA. Mr. Bennet said he's not part of any organization that has initials. Matt tried to tell him that he's made a mistake, he's no one special, but Mr. Bennet told Matt he knows that isn't true. Matt tried to read Mr. Bennet, but couldn't. Bennet told Matt that his friend ("The Haitian") is keeping Matt from using his gift. But nonetheless Matt was able to break through and pick up a name from Mr. Bennet: Claire. Mr. Bennet was impressed at how powerful Matt had become so quickly. He told "The Hatian" to go deep, then wipe Matt's memory of being here.

Mr. Bennet noted Claire's muddy feet and asked her if she was out all night. Claire admitted that she was, but they were only playing poker. Mr. Bennet had to leave for work, but jokingly warned her that they'll have a discussion about staying out all night when he gets back.

Mr. Bennet and "The Haitian" man were in Nathan Petrelli's hotel room at night as he slept next to Niki_Sanders. Mr. Bennet said they're only taking the one.

He and "The Haitian" were taking Nathan somewhere. Nathan offered money if they'll let him go, but Mr. Bennet said that he didnt' wnat money, he just wanted to know a couple of things. Nathan told them that he'll recognize their faces and kill them if he ever sees them again. Nathan used his power of flight to escape from them. It is likely that is one of the things Mr. Bennet wanted to know.

After Claire's accident, Mr. Bennet went to her Claire's hospital room. Claire told him that she rammed the car into the wall on purpose because after the football game, Brody tried to force himself on her, he threw her down, she hit her head and woke up somewhere else. She said that she can't prove anything. Claire told Mr. Bennet that she isn't the only one Brody attacked, but begged her father not to say anything to anyone. Mr. Bennet promised her that no one will know. Mr. Bennet went to Brody's hospital room. Brody told Mr. Bennet that he's going to sue him because Claire crashed the car on purpose. He's sure she can heal herself, and he called Claire a freak, not human. Mr. Bennet said he has more faith in her humanity then Brody's. He says that what's happening to Claire is difficult enough without punks like him. Mr. Bennet said that he could kill Brody, but instead he's going to do him a favor - give him a second chance. Maybe if he forgets all the horrible things he's done, perhaps he will become a better person. Mr. Bennet pulled back the curtain and reveals the memory-tampering Haitian. Mr. Bennet told "The Haitian" to hollow Brody out. Afterward, Brody couldn't remember Claire, and didn't think his name was Brody.

Mr. Bennet told Claire that he contacted her biological parents and arranged for them to meet her. He and his wife Sandra were eavesdropping when Mr. Bennet got a call. It's Eden McCain. She worked for Mr. Bennet and had been spying on Mohinder and Chandra Suresh. She told him that Mohinder has left for India, and she was unable to stop him, but she thought he would be back. She said that Peter Petrelli claimed he could fly, but had no confirmation and said Peter told Mohinder he encountered a time traveler who told him he had to "save a cheerleader". Mr. Bennet froze. He wasn't expecting to hear that. She asked him what to do about the precog (Isaac). He told Eden to bring him in. Mr. Bernnet escorted Claire's biological parent to their car, but the conversation implied that they were doing him a favor, they were not Claire's biological parents.

Mr. Bennet went to see Isaac, who told him that being able to paint the future felt like a curse. Mr. Bennet told him that it’s a gift – never forget that. Isaac wanted to know why Mr. Bennet was helping him get clean. He told Isaac the cheerleader he’s been painting is Bennet’s daughter Claire, and the man in a painting standing over her body is Sylar – he murders people with abilities like Isaac and Claire. He asked Isaac for a painting to help find Sylar before he has a chance to go after Claire. He provided Isaac with heroin to unlock his power. Isaac asked him to give him a chance to try without the drugs. Mr. Bennet agreed, but when Isaac was unable to, he made Eden use her power of suggestion to force Isaac to take the heroin, over her objections.

Mr. Bennet was upset when the painting Isaac produced was useless for finding Sylar – it showed a man in a city wreathed in fire and exploding. He told Eden to make Isaac paint another. When Eden objected, he showed her gruesome pictures of Sylar’s other victims. He told Eden and the Haitian to wait for Sylar at the school, and he would ensure Claire stays safe. He grounded her for punching Jackie. Mr. Bennet was angry with Sandra when he found out that she didn’t tell him Claire skipped out. He waited at the school in the place Isaac’s paintings showed Claire. He heard Jackie scream and raced to the source, and found Jackie dead and Sylar and Claire gone. He found Claire at the stadium and hugged her in relief. Claire told him what happened, and about her healing ability.

Mr. Bennet thought about what to do on the way home, and told Claire that he knew about her ability before she knew. He saw the tapes with Zach. Claire got angry with him because she felt so alone, but he told her he was trying to protect her so she could have a normal life. He confirmed Claire’s suspicion that the man who killed Jackie was really after her, and warned her that while that man had been taken care of, there are others out there like him who would hurt her to get what she has. He asked her who knew of her ability. Claire told him only Zach and Lyle knew.

Mr. Bennet went to see Sylar safely locked in his cell at Primatech. He told Sylar that his abilities won’t work in this place. Mr. Bennet was interested in finding out how Sylar stole the abilities of others. Sylar taunted him by promising to take the ability of his daughter when he escapes. Mr. Bennet contacted his superiors and warned them that Sylar was far to dangerous to keep alive, but they overruled him. He wasn’t happy about that, and neither was Eden. She offered to use her power to make him kill himself, but he said that wasn’t an option.

The police contacted Mr. Bennet about the incident at Homecoming, and he accompanied Claire to the station. He had the Haitian lurk nearby to block Matt’s telepathy. Claire told a mostly correct version of what happened, leaving out all mention of superhuman abilities. Agent Audrey Hanson had questions, but let Claire and Mr. Bennet go when it became clear they weren’t going to provide any additional answers. Claire wanted to see Peter, so they went to his cell. Mr. Bennet thanked Peter for saving Claire and offered to do him a favour some day.

Mr. Bennet ordered the Haitian to wipe the memory of Claire’s ability from Lyle and Zach. He told Sylar that they were going to take him apart.When Claire discovered they didn’t remember, she called her father, terrified. He told her to wait at home until he gets there.

Shortly after Eden committed suicide to keep Sylar from getting her power, he and the Haitian rushed into Sylar’s cell and filled him full of tranquilizer darts. He delivered the news of her death to Eden’s father, and got angry with him when he didn’t care. He told Eden’s father that she overcame her terrible childhood and became a hero. The father became sad and said he was sorry. Mr. Bennet told the Haitian not to wipe everything out — leave the guilt.

Character History

Fourteen years ago, Mr. Bennet tried to take Claire’s biological mother to his base of operations, but things went badly and she was killed. Mr. Bennet and Sandra had been having problems conceiving, so he adopted the now-orphaned girl Claire.

Mr. Bennet somehow located Eden McCain in Los Angeles and had the Haitian bring her in. The night that Claire cut on her hand on the mirror, he got a call from Chandra Suresh asking him about Claire. Chandra told Mr. Bennet about his research, and how his daughter is special. Mr. Bennet told Chandra he couldn’t let him contact Claire. Mr. Bennet got Eden to cooperate with him by convincing her she would have a better life and be a better person. She asked him what he wanted her to do. He told her to spy on Chandra Suresh, and remove Claire Bennet’s name from his list.

Significant Episodes

Memorable Moments


  • At the beginning of 'Genesis', he is in Chandra Suresh's apartment in India, performing reconnaissance. He orders a team to come in for the purpose of gathering evidence. Later in the episode, he happens upon Mohinder's cab while en route to JFK airport, where he plans to catch a flight back to his home in Odessa, TX.