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Mohinder Suresh
Heroes-Mohinder Suresh.jpg
Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy
First Appearance 1x01 - Genesis
Series Billing Main Star
Episode Count 19 (through season 1)
Notable Episodes Cx01 - Monsters
1x09 - Homecoming

Mohinder Suresh is the son of Chandra Suresh. Like his father, he was also a professor of Genetics at Chennai University in Chennai, India. He is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy and has appeared in most episodes to date.


Basic Information

Formerly following in his father's footsteps as a professor of Genetics at the University of Madras in India. Upon learning of his father's death, he immediately moved into his father's former apartment in New York City to not only to find the true cause of his death, but also to finish his research. Is currently employed as a taxi driver.

Season One

Mohinder Suresh, a genetics professor at Chennai University in India, gave his class a lecture when his colleague Nirand entered. He dismissed his class. Mohinder thought he knew what he came to say: Mohinder's father, Chandra Suresh, lost his tenure for speaking about his theories on superhuman abilities and went to New York to look for people with special abilities. Nirand told Mohinder that Chandra died in an accident while driving a cab in New York City. Mohinder believed he was killed because of his theories, and immediately went to his father's apartment in Chennai. There he saw a large map of the world on one wall, studded with push pins connected by coloured string, there were also a pair of horn-rimmed glasses nearby. Mohinder examined the map when a cellphone rang in the apartment – he was not alone. Mohinder snapped a picture of the map, and quickly exited the apartment. He headed for New York to look for answers.

Thinking about his father’s death, Mohinder Suresh mused about the stories his grandmother told him when he was young, about the goddess Kali. The stories said that if you are devoted to Kali, she will escort you into the afterlife. Mohinder imagines that because his father was not a religious man, Kali followed him to America, to ensure he did not enter the afterlife. Mohinder went to the Chelsea taxi company that employed his father and looked at the cab he was driving when he died. It looks like it was nearly ripped in half. Mohinder suspected that it was done by someone with abilities. He was offered a job with the taxi company, and he accepted. The man in Horned-Rimmed Glasses took pictures of him without his knowledge.

Peter Petrelli was picked up by Mohinder’s cab. They discussed the coming eclipse, and whether or not Peter is special. Peter got a call, and left Suresh's cab. The horn-rimmed glasses man from Chandra Suresh's apartment in India got in. He commented that the name Suresh seems familiar. Mohinder recognized the glasses the man wore, got a bad feeling and bolted from the cab.

Mohinder Suresh entered his fathers’s old apartment and found a man there planting an eavesdropping device. He tried to run and bumped into Eden McCain, losing the gun. He shoved Mohinder into Eden and fled.

Eden was surprised to learn that Chandra was murdered four days ago. He had told her he suspected he was being watched. Mohinder thought whoever it is wants him alive. Eden said that Chandra told her about his theories, and she offered to help Mohinder. He carefully placed pins and strings on the map to match Chandra’s map from Chennai. He checked the messages and discovered a conversation between Chandra and a man called Sylar: Chandra helped Sylar discover his abilities, but when Sylar became a murderer Chandra wanted nothing more to do with him. Eden discovered a portable hard drive hidden in the apartment. It seemed to contain Chandra Suresh's algorithm for locating people with abilities.

Eden McCain came by the next day and Mohinder was frustrated because Chandra's algorithm to track gene migration seems to be a bunch of gibberish. He told her about a man with glasses that followed him from his father's apartment in Chennai to New York. The map is useless unless he can find someone who has superhuman abilities. Angrily Mohinder tossed Chandra's laptop across the room. A secret compartment in it popped open. Inside was a small notebook filled with notes and DNA samples. There was a key attached opposite a page with the name Sylar and an address in Queens, New York City.

Mohinder and Eden went to Sylar's apartment, but there was no one home. Mohinder broke in and photographed everything he saw. He discovered a secret room behind a mirror. Inside was a map similar to his father's from Chennai, but there are dozens more pins and strings. Eden recognized a picture of Nathan Petrelli. There was a wall covered in messages saying "I have sinned" under a big "FORGIVE ME" in red paint. They left to fetch the police, but when they returned, the apartment had been completely emptied out. Even the graffiti was gone.

Mohinder tried to talk about Nathan Petrelli, warning him he might be in danger and asking him if he has has any superhuman abilities, but Nathan blew him off and had his security keep him away. Mohinder told Eden that he felt humiliated. He wondered what he was doing here. There was a knock at the door. Peter Petrelli showed up, and told Mohinder that he thinks he might be one of the people with abilities. He told Mohinder that his brother could fly, Isaac can paint the future, and when he’s around them he can do those things. Mohinder went with Peter to see Isaac. Mohinder warned Peter that he’s still sceptical. Peter told Mohinder that Isaac is a heroin addict. No one answered the door at Isaac’s studio. On the subway, Pete told Mohinder that a man just froze time and told him to go back to Isaac’s place, they have to save a cheerleader. Mohinder thought that Peter Petrelli is crazy and refused to go with him. He decided that pursuing his father’s research was a waste of time. He told Eden what Peter told him about Isaac and the alleged message from the future, but said he’s leaving. She told Mohinder that he’d be back and they kissed.

Mohinder returned to India and scattered Chandra’s ashes on a beach at Kanyakumari. He told Nirand that there are no answers in America. Nirand told him that he hasn’t cancelled Mohinder’s classes, and offered him Chandra’s old office at Chennai University. Chandra’s gene migration algorithm was still running on his computer. Mohinder was reluctant to quit it. He noted a locked drawer in the desk. Mira Shenoy, and old romance showed up and offered Mohinder a job at a genetic research company – on the condition that he leave his father’s outlandish theories behind. Mohinder told her he’d think it over.

Mohinder had an unusually vivid dream where he watches an argument he had with his father about Chandra’s decision to go to New York. The scene melted into Chandra and Mohinder’s mother talking. Mohinder’s mother told him that Mohinder would never take “her” place, and told Chnadra to pursue his theories. Mohinder saw a young Indian boy he didn’t recognize in the dream. Mohinder went to see his mother, who told him that she did tell Chandra to pursue his theories because if he didn’t it would consume him. She told Mohinder that he once had a sister called Shanti, but she died at five years old, when Mohinder was just two.

Mohinder had another dream, the strange boy from his dream was trying to open the locked drawer in Chandra’s office. Mohinder chased him outside and was in an alley in New York. He watched helplessly as his father was murdered in his taxi. The taxi vanished nad Mohinder saw the boy again, holding something. He approached the boy and discovered he was holding the key from his fathers notebook. Mohinder woke up and retrieved the key. He used it to unlock the desk drawer. Inside was a file on Sanjog Iyer – the boy from Mohinder’s dreams.

Mohinder and Nirand wandered Chennai, searching for Sanjog Iyer – Nirand was there as much to try and convince Mohinder to give up as to make sure he stays safe. Mohinder says that the file mentions that Sanjog appeared in peoples dreams and acted like a sort of spirit guide. They found him, and he told Mohinder that he doesn’t go to people, they come to him because they have questions. Mohinder told Sanjog that he has three paths in front of him and he isn’t sure which one to take – what is his destiny? Sanjog told Mohinder that he already knows the answer.

Mohinder had another dream – Nirand and Chandra wandering Chennai – also searching for Sanjog. Nirand warned Chandra that his career will be ruined if he doesn’t stop pursuing his theories. Chandra didn’t care. The scene shifted to Chandra’s office, where a younger Mohinder discovers his father’s work and is eager to help. Chandra, wanting to spare Mohinder from the difficulties he was facing told Mohinder that he should have no part in the research Sanjog Iyer appeared and told Mohinder he had his answer. Mohinder woke up. He decided to continue pursuing his father’s work. He declined to quit the program and it prompted him for a password. Mohinder entered “SHANTI” and a long list of names and locations of special people appeared.

Mohinder told his mother that he found Chandra’s list, and he is going back to America to find them and warn them of the dangers they will face.

Mohinder found a note from Eden in his Brooklyn apartment. She knew he'd be back. Mohinder called someone, saying that he faxed the list to their office in Quantico, and the people on it need to be warned - 6 people on it were already dead, possibly by the same killer. He gots a call from Eden. She told him that she's been lying to him for a long time, but she's sorry. She said she's going to start making things right by killing the man who murdered his father. She hung up.

Character History

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  • 1x01 - Genesis: "This quest. This need to solve life's mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet?"
  • 1x01 - Genesis: "(...) we are not the pinnacle of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the lowly cockroach. Capable of living for months without food. Remaining alive headless for weeks at a time. Resistant to radiation. If God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then I submit to you that God is a cockroach."
  • 1x01 - Genesis: "The Human Genome Project has discovered that tiny variations in man's genetic code are taking place at increasingly rapid rates. Teleportation, levitation, tissue regeneration. Is this outside the realm of possibility? Or is man entering a new gateway to evolution? Is he finally standing at the threshold to true human potential?"
  • 1x06 - Better Halves: "My father spent his life chasing after this insanity. Now I'm wasting mine trying to prove he was sane."
  • 1x02 - Don't Look Back: "Where does it come from, this quest? This need to solve life's mysteries, when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we'd be better off not looking at all. Not doubting, not yearning. That's not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here."
  • 1x01 - Genesis: "Some individuals, it is true, are more special. This is natural selection. It begins as a single individual born or hatched like every other member of their species. Anonymous. Seemingly ordinary. Except they're not. They carry inside them the genetic code that will take their species to the next evolutionary rung. It's destiny."