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Micah Sanders
Heroes-Micah Sanders.jpg
Actor Noah Gray-Cabey
First Appearance 1x01 - Genesis
Series Billing Season 1-2: Main Star

Season 3: Special Guest Star

Episode Count 19 (through season 1)
Notable Episodes 1x07 - Nothing to Hide

Micah Sanders is the son of D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders. He is played by Noah Gray-Cabey and has appeared in almost every episode to date.


Basic Information

Micah Sanders is the son of D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders. He has been living with his mother for at least six months, after his father went to prison for armed robbery and murder. Micah belives that his father is innocent. He is adamant that the police won't catch him. He is very intelligent and knows what his mother does for a living, but it doesn't seem to bother him. By the time of "Nothing to Hide", Micah knows his mother has dual personalities, and can tell the difference between them, but it is unclear how long he has known about this.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Technopathy — Micah can repair and/or disable damaged electrical devices he is in physical contact with.
  • (Possible) Super Intellect — Niki knows that Micah is a genius, but is he unusually so?


  • He's just a child.

Season One

Micah was attending an expensive private school until Niki reluctantly had to pull him out because she couldn't afford it.

Micah believed that D.L. is innocent of the armed robbery he went to prison for, even though Niki didn't.

Micah was really happy when his father returned, and asked him if he and Niko were getting back together. He ran into his parent's room and saw Niki choking his father. She was distracted when he came in and that allowed D.L. to phase his hand into Niki, disabling her. Micah instinctively ran towards her, but D.L. scooped him up and ran out.

Micah wanted D.L. to take him home, but he refused. Micah told him that Heroes stay and fight, villains run, and accused his fatherof being a villain. Their car stopped at the scene of an accident, and D.L. got out to assist. Hiro Nakamura and Ando arrived on the accident scene as well. Hiro went to help, and Micah instinctively moved forward, but Ando held him back. When the car exploded with D.L. helping an accident victim! Micah was worried, then astonished when he saw D.L. and the victim several meters from where he last saw them on the side of the road. He asked his father how he did that. D.L. didn't know, but Hiro showed Micah the comic starring himself. Micah noted that it wasn't out yet. Hiro told Micah that he can freeze time. Micah recognized Ando from Niki's house. As the police approached. D.L. got Micah into their car and got out of there. He told Micah that they can never go back to Niki. At night, they stayed at amotel. Micah slipped out and tried to call Niki, but the phone was broken. Micha used his ability to repair the phone and called Niki. He could tell it wasn't Niki, it was her alternate (Jessica). He asked to speak to Niki, but Jessica told him that Niki won't come back until she comes to get Micah. Micah told Jessica where he was staying. D.L. came up behind him and he disabled the phone. He lied to his father and told him he wasn't calling his mother, he was just goofing around.

D.L. and Micah stopped at a motel in rural Utah. Micah tried again to convince D.L. to go back, but D.L. said that he still loves Niki, but she’s changed and it’ll just be them from there on out. When D.L. got out, Micah slipped away and called Niki to tell her where they were. He waited at a bus stop and D.L. found him. D.L. angrily asked him if he knows how scared Micah’s escape made him. Micah told D.L. that know he knows how he felt when D.L. left them. He told D.L. that things got really bad when he left, and sometimes Jessica was there instead of Niki. Micah told D.L. that he doesn’t think that Niki knew about Jessica, which is why they had to help her – she’s sick and can’t control it.

Back at the motel, Micah told D.L. that he called Niki to tell her where they are. That made D.L. worried, he was about to get in the car when he was shot in the shoulder. They escaped with the money into the woods. D.L. told Micah to help leave a false trail. They found a cabin and Micah saw D.L. phase his arm through the door to unlock it. Micah helped D.L. bandage his wound. He heard Niki’s voice and called out to her. Jessica showed up, pretending to be Niki and went into the cabin. D.L. hit her, causing her to lose the gun. When he tried to get it she kicked him several feet. Micah grabbed Jessica’s arm, telling his parents to stop fighting. Jessica told him it’s for his own good and shoved him, hurling him several feet into a rockpile. D.L. immediately went to Micah’s aid, ignoring Jessica. Niki asserted control and told Micah that it was her. She told him and D.L. that she was sorry for what Jessica did. They were walking back to the car. D.L. said they could get some help for Niki, but she warned him that she can’t stop the out-of-control Jessica, and she can’t be trusted. Micah fell down and D.L. helped him. They saw that Niki left the money and turned herself into the police.

Character History

Hal gave Micah a laptop for ten years worth of missed birthdays, but yelled at him when he discovered that he’d taken it apart to see the inside. D.L. asked Hal to leave.

Significant Episodes

Memorable Moments