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D.L. Hawkins
Heroes-D.L. Hawkins.jpg
Actor Leonard Roberts
First Appearance 1x05 - Hiros
Last Appearance 2x08 - Four Months Ago
Series Billing Season 1: Main Star
Season 2: Special Guest Star
Episode Count 16
Notable Episodes Cx05 - Snapshot
1x06 - Better Halves
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Basic Information

He is the husband of Niki Sanders and father to Micah Sanders. He's a criminal who allegedly stole 2 million from the Las Vegas gangster Linderman. He's been on the run from the police for some time.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Phasing — D.L. Hawkins can move through solid matter at will.
  • By phasing his hand into a person, he can temporarily disable them.


  • What happens if he's knocked unconcious when he's halfway through a wall?
  • He can only phase through what he sees coming.

Season One

The police had D.L. Hawkins in custody two days prior to the events of Hiros, but he escaped from his handcuffs and escaped. He slipped past the police watching Niki Sanders’ house. At first she wanted him to leave, but relented and let him stay at least for a night. He told her that he didn’t do the robbery of the sports book. D.L. told her that he heard a woman stepped in and took his place – and a woman also had the same amount of money stolen laundered recently, and he’s going to see the launderer and get some answers. Niki and D.L. had sex. He noticed her get up in the middle of the night, and mentioned it in the morning. Niki didn’t remember. Micah enthusiastically greeted D.L. D.L. and Micah bonded over comic books. He told Micah that he has a secret, he got out of prison by simply walking out. Niki said that Micah will be crushed once he has to leave – the police aren’t going to stop looking for him.

Niki smuggled D.L. to the address D.L. gave. When Niki wasn’t looking, D.L. phased his hand through a door to unlock it. Inside, they found a scene of carnage, several people were dead, ripped to pieces. Back home, D.L. poured alcohol for himself and Niki to steady their nerves. He rhetorically asked Niki if she’d ever seen anything like that, and was surprised when she told him that she had – she was stripping for a couple thugs in the garage, they hit her and she blacked out, waking up to find them dead – also torn apart. Niki worriedly told D.L. that she didn’t remember anyone else around – she’s the only one who could have done it, and last night she woke up and went somewhere, but she didn’t remember doing that. D.L. didn’t believe it, he tried to reassure her that someone else did it, the same person who’s trying to frame him. D.L. went to see Micah, who asked him if he’s getting back together with Niki. D.L. said he doesn’t know, it can be hard when someone thinks their partner did something they didn’t do.

D.L. caught Niki coming out of the attic with the stolen two million and was shocked to learn that Niki was the one to frame him. Niki tried to explain, but D.L. cut her off, saying he’s taking Micah and the money. Niki’s demeanor changed, and she hit him with the case, sending him flying across the room. He phased out to escape, and phased back into the room and grabbed Niki from behind, but she easily flipped him over her shoulder to land on the bed. Niki started choking him, but paused when Micah, hearing the ruckus rushed into the room and saw them. D.L. saw his opportunity and phased his arm into her, incapacitating her. He put her in a phase-assisted choke until she started passing out. He dropped her on the floor, scooped up Micah and the money, and ran.

Micah and D.L. drove east, away from Las Vegas. Micah was unhappy that they left Niki. He told D.L. that bad guys run, not good guys, but D.L. redeemed himself a bit in Micah’s eyes when he saved a woman from a car accident, like a real hero. D.L. still told Micah that they couldn’t ever go back to Niki. At a motel, D.L. caught Micah on the phone, but when he listened to the receiver, all he heard was static on the line.

They headed into Utah. D.L. told Micah that he still loves Niki, but she’s changed – it’ll be them together from there on out. Micah ran away when D.L. wasn’t looking. He found him at a bus stop. He was angry at Micah for making him so scared. Micah told him that now he knows how he felt when D.L. left. He told D.L. that things got really bad with Niki when he left – sometimes Jessica came out, instead of Niki. He told D.L. that she’s sick, she needs help, and if D.L. really does love her, he’ll try to help her. D.L. agreed, they’ll go back and try to help Niki. D.L. and Micah returned to their car, but Micah told him there's no need to drive back to Las Vegas, he called Niki and told them where they are. D.L. became worried and told Micah to get into the car, quickly.

He was about to get in when he was hit in the shoulder. He fell to the ground and a second shot narrowly missed. He activated his phasing, and a third shot passed harmlessly through his head. D.L. and Micah escaped with the money, and he saw Niki crossing the road. D.L. and Micah ran through the woods. D.L. dropped his bloody jacket to create a fake trail, then he and Micah walked backwards in their footsteps and struck off in a new direction. They came across a cabin. D.L. phased his arm through the door to unlock it. He got some supplies to use as bandages, but passed out for a while, then Micah helped D.L. bandage his wound.

He was in the cabin when he heard Niki and Micah outside. He was ready and hit Niki in the stomach when she came in, causing her to drop the gun. He tried to pick it up and Niki kicked him several feet. When she shrugged Micah off, causing him to fly into a pile of rocks he immediately rushed to Micah’s aid, ignoring Niki. He told her to stay away from him, but Niki told him that it was her, not Jessica. Niki, Micah and D.L. reconciled. When they were walking back to the car, D.L. told Niki that they can get her help for her Disassociative Identity Disorder. Niki protested that it won’t work – Jessica is stronger then she is. D.L. doesn’t believe that. Niki said that she’s too dangerous and can’t be trusted. She left the money behind. D.L. and Micah watched helplessly as she turned herself into the police investigating the shooting and asked to be arrested for murder.

Character History

D.L. found Niki at her sister Jessica’s grave with an unopened bottle of alcohol. She told him that it’s important not to forget her sister. Niki told D.L. that her father Hal is back, he showed up at an AA meeting. He wanted to meet D.L. and Micah, but she was reluctant. She knows Hal could help their financial situation, and wanted D.L. to talk her into letting Hal come over. He did. Hal came over and met D.L. and Micah, but D.L. told him to leave when he yelled at Micah for disassembling the computer Hal brought him as a birthday present.

When Hal’s money didn’t appear, D.L. thought about pulling off an armed robbery with his old crew, but pulled out at Niki’s request. They pulled off the robbery anyway and were identified. D.L. was arrested based on his prior association with them. When a detective made a crack about Niki, he got angry and unexpectedly phased through his handcuffs. He was convicted of the crime and sent to prison. While there, he tried to duplicate his phasing and succeeded in escaping. He decided to try and find out who framed him, so he can protect Niki and Micah.

Signifigcant Episodes

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