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Season Two
Season Premiere September 25, 2009
Season Finale January 29, 2010
Episode Count 13

Season One



Season Two of Dollhouse premiered on September 25, 2009.

Despite low ratings in the first season, a second season of 13 episodes was officially renewed on May 15, 2009. Kevin Reilly, FOX president of entertainment, gave several reasons for why they decided to renew Dollhouse in favor of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had been cancelled: there was a perceived jump in quality and ratings mid-season, DVR viewing numbers were higher than broadcast ratings, potential for growth based on Joss Whedon's creative mind, and the fact that "if we'd canceled Joss' show I'd probably have 110 million e-mails this morning from the fans."

The series suffered a budget cut as part of the renewal deal, but Whedon said that it wouldn't affect season two production, largely because the first season budget included construction of the elaborate Dollhouse set. An entirely new crew was hired, according to a letter included with critics screener copies of Vows, to achieve "a look that's more lush and exciting." Also, writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who left the series to work on Lie to Me, were been replaced by Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. In addition to the original cast from season one, two actors from previous Whedon shows were cast in recurring roles for the season: Alexis Denisof, who starred in Angel and debuted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played a U.S. senator named Daniel Perrin and Summer Glau, a member of the Firefly cast (as well as the departed Terminator series), played Bennett, Topher's equivalent at another Dollhouse and someone from Caroline's history.

The series was officially cancelled on November 11, 2009. The final episode will take place during the same time period as the unaired Epitaph One.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Prod.
14 1 Vows Joss Whedon Joss Whedon September 25, 2009 2APK01
15 2 Instinct Michele Fazekas &
Tara Butters
Marita Grabiak October 2, 2009 2APK03
16 3 Belle Chose Tim Minear David Solomon October 9, 2009 2APK02
17 4 Belonging Maurissa Tancharoen &
Jed Whedon
Jonathan Frakes October 23, 2009 2APK04
18 5 The Public Eye (1) Andrew Chambliss David Solomon December 4, 2009 2APK05
19 6 The Left Hand (2) Tracy Bellomo Wendey Stantzler December 4, 2009 2APK06
20 7 Meet Jane Doe Maurissa Tancharoen &
Jed Whedon &
Andrew Chambliss
Dwight Little December 11, 2009 2APK07
21 8 A Love Supreme Jenny DeArmitt David Straiton December 11, 2009 2APK08
22 9 Stop-Loss Andrew Chambliss Felix Alcalá December 18, 2009 2APK09
23 10 The Attic Maurissa Tancharoen &
Jed Whedon
John Cassaday December 18, 2009 2APK10
24 11 Getting Closer Tim Minear Tim Minear January 8, 2010 2APK11
25 12 The Hollow Men Michele Fazekas &
Tara Butters &
Tracy Bellomo
Terrence O'Hara January 15, 2010 2APK12
26 13 Epitaph Two: Return Maurissa Tancharoen &
Jed Whedon &
Andrew Chambliss
David Solomon January 29, 2010 2APK13

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