Clone High

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Clone High
Premiere November 2, 2002
Finale February 10, 2003
Creator Phil Lord,
Christopher Miller,
Bill Lawrence
Network Teletoon,
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Doozer Productions
Lord Miller Productions
Touchstone Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 13
(List of episodes)
Origin USA/Canada

Clone High is an animated comedy that was co-produced by Canadian and United States networks. The series imagines what would happen if "way way back in the 1980s secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies." The result is a high school romantic comedy that pokes fun at similar shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson's Creek.

The backstory of the series is that in the 1980s a secret board of shadowy figures dug up famous people and extracted their DNA to clone them in order to raise an army of superclones. Now in their teens, the clones are in a secret town with foster parents under the guidance of Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth and Vice Principal Mr. Butlertron.

The show's main focus is on Abe Lincoln and his crush on Cleopatra, which conflicts with Joan of Arc's secret crush of him. Meanwhile, Lincoln is frequently thwarted by John F. Kennedy, the most popular guy in school who has Cleopatra (and most other girls at Clone High) under his thrall. Supporting Lincoln is his best friend, Ghandi. Some of the secondary character clones resurrected include Jesus Christ, Nostradamus, Thomas Edison and Moses.

There was some controversy generated over Ghandi's portrayal in the series. Ghandi was written as a hyperactive "jerk with a heart of gold" sidekick who was very clearly afflicted with attention deficit disorder. Although the show was never broadcast in India, Indians caught word of the existence of the character and protested. Over 150 Indians vowed to fast on the 55th anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi's assassination in protest of the character. To quell this protest, MTV issued an apology announcing that the show "was created and intended for an American audience," and they "recognize and respect that various cultures may view this programming differently, and we regret any offense taken by the content in the show."

The series was broadcast on both Teletoon in Canada and MTV in the United States, although only Teletoon broadcast the series in its entirety because of its mid-season cancellation on MTV.

Because of the involvement of Bill Lawrence, many actors and actresses from Scrubs offered their voice talent on Clone High. In addition, although it was only alive for one season, Clone High had several cameo appearances by popular actors and actresses, including Marilyn Manson, Mandy Moore, Michael J. Fox, Tom Green, Chris Berman, Dan Patrick, Jack Black, Luke Perry, and John Stamos.



Actor Character
Billed Cast
Will Forte Abe Lincoln
Christopher Miller John F. Kennedy
Mr. Butlertron
Christa Miller Cleopatra
Nicole Sullivan Joan of Arc
Phil Lord Principal Scudworth
Michael McDonald Ghandhi


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One November 2, 2002 February 10, 2003 13


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DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Complete First Season September 20, 2005 2

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