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Repo Manor
Season 8, Episode 13
Airdate January 22, 2006
Production Number 62015-08-168
Written by Doug E. Jones
Directed by Derek Johansen
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CharmedSeason Eight
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Repo Manor is the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of Charmed, and the one hundred sixty-ninth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Ivan Sergei (Henry Mitchell), Lisa Jay (Pilar), Erin Cummings (Patra), Faran Tahir (Savard), Michael J. Anderson (O'Brien), Janelle Giumarra (Phoenix)


Plot Overview

A trio of doppelgangers, after studying the Charmed Ones and practicing their powers over the last eight years, plan to replace the Halliwell sisters and tap into the Power of Three in order to vanquish their former master, the Slave King.

Meanwhile, Piper is trying desperately to find Leo and has to deal with Phoebe moving out of the Manor. Paige calls on the help of some magical creatures to help ease Henry into their date, where she reveals to him that she is a witch.


Arc Advancement



  • Piper is trying to find Leo and has been studying the Book of Shadows. She has constructed a list to determine the great evil that they will have to face in order to have Leo restored. She is having a difficult time in the episode because she feels that Phoebe has no interest in helping her. After dealing with the demonic threat of the week, Piper (barely) accepts Phoebe moving out.
  • Phoebe is particularly heartless in this episode, thinking only of moving out of the Manor and into her condo. She feels as though her family obligations are hindering her from living her life.
  • Paige thinks that it's time that she's revealed to Henry who she is but she is afraid that he will want nothing to do with her once she comes out of the broom closet. Surprisingly, her magical assistance pays out well and Henry accepts her secret.


  • The background music in the teaser of this episode was the same music used for the season three episode "Wrestling with Demons".
  • When Phoenix suggests that they trap Phoebe in a genie bottle, they are referring to season six's "I Dream of Phoebe" when Phoebe unintentionally set an evil genie free and replaced her.
  • When Patra suggests that they use Excalibur, Pilar reminds them that only Wyatt can hold Excalibur originates from the season six episode "Sword and the City".
  • The dollhouse that the Charmed Ones are ultimately trapped inside while the doppelgangers replace them was first seen in season seven's "Scry Hard".
  • The first time the sisters were miniaturized occurred in season four's "Size Matters," which first explained that their individual abilities are depowered, as illustrated when Phoebe and Paige tried summoning Piper.
  • The Charmed Ones last had their collective identity stolen in season six's "The Power of Three Blondes" by the Stillman sisters.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

The episode title is a pun on the 1984 film Repo Man.

Memorable Moments



  • Overall Grade: B- after 1 review.
  • Review Breakdown: A+: 0 A: 0 A-: 0 B+: 0 B: 0 B-: 1 C+: 0 C: 0 C-: 0 D: 0 F: 0

Despite its evident rehashing of episodes from the previous eight years, this turned out to a fun episode overall. The teaser was probably my favorite one of the series, though it was somewhat marred by the fact that the sisters themselves weren't kicking ass like that. While Phoebe was being a complete bitch to Piper, I couldn't feel sorry for her because she's been enabling this behavior for thirty years and for whatever silly reason, she lets Phoebe walk all over her. I don't mind Phoebe moving out but her snotty attitude about leaving made it mostly unbearable. Another thing that peeved me about the episode was that Piper and Paige did not pick up on Phoebe's sudden attitude change. I mean, they should know when evil impersonates one of them and usually, the impostor pretends to be Phoebe.

I'm not going to go into the nonsense about the doppelgangers needing access to a non-existent Nexus because to be frank, they didn't even need to mention the Nexus as all they ultimately used was the vanquishing potion recipe inscribed in the Book of Shadows. Another plus to the episode was the manner in which the tiny Charmed Ones vanquished Savard. It was gruesome and pretty damn awesome. The same goes to Piper blowing up the dollhouse with the doppelgangers inside. But the best part of the episode? You guessed right. The doppelgangers' smackdown of Billie in the attic. Everything they said and did during that scene was as though the writers read my mind. Grade: B- --Contrivance 16:00, 21 August 2006 (EDT)