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Phoebe Halliwell
Charmed-Phoebe Halliwell.jpg
Actors Alyssa Milano
Frances Bay (older)
Samantha Goldstein (younger)
First Appearance 1x01 - Something Wicca This Way Comes
Last Appearance 8x22 - Forever Charmed
Series Billing 1x01 to 3x22: Third Billing
4x01 to 8x22: First Billing
Episode Count 178
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Phoebe Halliwell is one of the main characters of the series Charmed. She is played by Alyssa Milano in the series, although the character was portrayed by Lori Rom in the unaired pilot episode. Frances Bay and Samantha Goldstein also played past and future versions of the character in the season four episode, The Three Faces of Phoebe.


Basic Information

Phoebe possesses the power of premonition, enabling her to foresee future events or experience past ones by touching things related to the event. As she grows as a witch, Phoebe eventually gains the power of levitation to aid her in her martial arts skills and empathy, enabling her to interpret emotions and to an extent, channel the abilities of other magical entities.

Once regarded as the most irresponsible of the Halliwell sisters, Phoebe eventually matured by returning to college and getting a job as a well-known advice columnist for The Bay Mirror, a local newspaper in San Francisco.

Character History

Phoebe was the third child and daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell, born to them on November 2, 1975. While it is unknown about when her sisters first manifested their abilities, Phoebe's power of premonition sprung to life on March 24, 1975, giving her mother a vision of future self and her elder sisters' future selves supposedly kidnapping Prue. After things were explained, the young Prue and Piper, plus Phoebe (via Patty) utilized the Power of Three for the first time to send their future incarnations back to 1999. Because a warlock named Nicholas threatened to kill the unborn Phoebe if she didn't bless his ring to make him immune to their powers so that he can retrieve them once he kills them, Patty bound Phoebe and her sisters' powers as soon as Phoebe was born. When Phoebe was two years old, Patty was killed by a water demon, leaving her and her sisters in their grandmother's custody.

During her childhood, Phoebe grew up unaware of her powers and of the supernatural elements of the world. However, she did come across things related to magic, though she didn't realize it at the time. For example, a demonic essence which a five-year-old Phoebe called "The Woogyman" was sealed back into the spiritual Nexus housed underneath the Halliwell manor after an earthquake and she witnessed her grandmother banishing it. At the age of ten, Phoebe was summoned to the year 2002 by her future self to help her decide if she should marry Cole, though Grams most likely erased this adventure from her head so that the future wouldn't be changed. In high school, Phoebe has been said to be a troublemaker and her making out with a guy named Todd Marks under the bleachers christened her with a nickname that she loathed -- "Freebie".

Her irresponsible behavior continued on past high school, as she had continued to shoplift among other things. After Grams dying in March 1998 and having a fallout with Prue regarding her supposed tryst with Prue's fiancé, Roger, Phoebe moved on with her life in New York City to find her father. While there, she barely held an array of jobs such as a hostess at the Rainbow Room. Low on funds and lacking a place to live, Phoebe returned to San Francisco much to the joy of Piper and the chagrin of Prue. That night, Phoebe managed to get into the attic and found a magical tome and read aloud the first page, awakening her and her sisters' powers. This accident ended up to be a good and bad thing to the Halliwells by mending their damaged sisterhood but at the same time placing them constantly under demonic radar, which threatened their social lives continuously.

After going through these experiences, Phoebe returned to college to finish up her degree in Psychology and during her final year in the fall of 2000, she met Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner, who she later fell in love with after a few weeks. However, Cole was harboring a deep secret that would be a struggle during the remainder of their relationship: Cole's alter ego was the top-demonic hitman known as Belthazor who was using Phoebe to get to her and her sisters. Phoebe soon discovered this secret and while she initially intended on vanquishing him, their love for each other led to them faking his death for the next two months. Eventually, Prue and Piper discovered this truth and Cole re-entered their lives, with some resistance from Phoebe to rekindle their romance and from Prue and Piper to trust his intentions with them and especially their younger sister.

Phoebe and Cole would later break up again when Cole's former mentor, Raynor, uses mind control to force him to kill a witch, but she soon discovers the situation regarding Cole's state of mind and successfully breaks the spell that dictated his will power. However, while she was doing this, her elder sisters faced an exposure threat and this led to Piper's death. In order to revive her, Phoebe agrees to stay in the Underworld while the Source rewinds time to undo Piper's death, on the condition that Prue and Piper are warned about another demonic hitman named Shax, who attacked them earlier that day. While the Source did rewind time, he reneged on his deal by having Shax attack Prue, Piper and their innocent and planned on killing Phoebe and Cole in the process. Upon learning of this, Phoebe, Cole and Leo escaped the Underworld back to the Manor to save the critically injured, but Leo is only able to save Piper and are too late to save Prue and their innocent.

Memorable Moments

  • In Season Four, Phoebe was briefly married to Cole Turner, though after his supposed vanquish as the Source of All Evil, she later filed for divorce in the following season.
  • Phoebe briefly held the title of Queen of the Underworld when Cole was officially coronated as the Source.


  • Phoebe is allergic to Shellfish