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Brad Hawkins

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Brad Hawkins
Born January 13, 1976 in Dallas, Texas, USA
Notable Roles Ryan Steele in VR Troopers
Notable Episodes



Starring Roles

Series Role Year(s) Season(s)
VR Troopers Ryan Steele 1994–1995 1 2

Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Step by Step Chuck 5x09 - The Wall November 24, 1995
Power Rangers Gold Ranger (voice) 4x27 - The Power of Gold September 17, 1996
Power Rangers Gold Ranger (voice) 4x28 - A Small Problem September 19, 1996
Power Rangers Gold Ranger (voice) 4x29 - Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise September 20, 1996
Power Rangers Gold Ranger (voice) 4x30 - Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers September 23, 1996
Power Rangers Gold Ranger (voice) 4x31 - Do I Know You? September 27, 1996
Power Rangers Trey (voices) 4x32 - Revelations of Gold (1) October 3, 1996
Power Rangers Trey (voices) 4x33 - A Golden Homecoming (2) October 4, 1996
Power Rangers Trey of Wisdom (voice) 4x36 - Scent of a Weasel October 23, 1996
Power Rangers Trey of Wisdom (voice) 4x37 - The Lore of Auric October 25, 1996
Power Rangers Trey (Gold Ranger; voices) 4x49 - Good as Gold November 23, 1996
Walker, Texas Ranger Wade Coltrane 7x15 - Team Cherokee (1) February 13, 1999
Walker, Texas Ranger Wade Coltrane 7x16 - Team Cherokee (2) February 20, 1999
Touched by an Angel Young Denny 6x14 - Buy Me a Rose February 6, 2000
JAG PO2 Delmar Rowe 5x19 - Promises March 28, 2000
Crossing Jordan Mortician 1x21 - Someone to Count On April 29, 2002
JAG 8x01 - Critical Condition (3) September 24, 2002
Fastlane Mick Salgado Jr. 1x06 - Ray Ray November 20, 2002
She Spies Josh Townsend 2x05 - Date to Mate October 20, 2003
NCIS Sgt Aaron Barnes 1x13 - One Shot, One Kill February 10, 2004
CSI Justin Mack 4x21 - Turn of the Screws May 6, 2004
Monk Kurt Wolff 3x02 - Mr. Monk and the Panic Room June 25, 2004
Prison Break Tough Guy #2 2x10 - Rendezvous November 6, 2006
Prison Break Tough Guy #2 2x11 - Bolshoi Booze November 13, 2006
Prison Break Cop #2 2x22 - Sona April 2, 2007

Awards and Accolades