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The Mooninites
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATHF Mooninites.jpg
Actors Dave Willis (Ignignokt)
Matt Maiellaro (Err)
First Appearance Mayhem of the Mooninites
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Recurring
Notable Episodes

The Mooninites are recurring villains on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and another main characters of Spacecataz. The two often descend from the moon in order to antagonize primitive Earthlings, often focusing their pranks on Meatwad and Master Shake. In the third season, Ignignokt and Err regularly appeared in the teaser sequence with The Plutonians, replacing Dr. Weird and his assistant.


Basic Information

The Mooninites, Ignignokt (voiced by Dave Willis) and Err (voiced by Matt Maiellaro), are pixelated, two-dimensional inhabitants of the Moon. Ignignokt, the leader, is green and larger than his purple counterpart Err. He speaks with a usually self-important, condescending air. Err is his hyperactive and trash-talking tag-along. Err fits precisely in a notch in Ignignokt's head, joining them together activates their super power; they can fire a large square slow-moving (and easily avoided) video-game "bullet" they call the "Quad Laser". A more powerful version of this attack is known as the "Quad Glacier" which also happens to be much larger and much slower than its counterpart. The Mooninites enjoy boasting that the Moon is superior to Earth in every way, often referring to Earth objects or concepts as "primitive," although they can never prove this superiority when they attempt to do so. The Mooninites often persuade the seemingly impressionable Meatwad into performing acts of vandalism, stealing, and smoking/drinking. Resembling extremely simplistic, blocky low-resolution game sprites, the duo is a send up of the Atari 2600 era of video games. The sound effects that accompany their movements are taken directly from such classic early arcade games as Space Invaders and Asteroids.

Episode Appearances

The Mooninites have appeared in 19 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as of Season Three.

  1. 1x04 - Mayhem of the Mooninites
  2. 1x08 - Revenge of the Mooninites
  3. 2x04 - Super Computer
  4. 2x22 - The
  5. 2x23 - The Cloning
  6. 2x24 - The Last One
  7. 3x01 - Video Ouijaɫ
  8. 3x02 - Unremarkable Voyageɫ
  9. 3x03 - Remooned
  10. 3x04 - Gee Whizɫ
  11. 3x05 - eDorkɫ
  12. 3x06 - Little Brittleɫ
  13. 3x07 - Robositterɫ
  14. 3x08 - Moon Master
  15. 3x09 - Dietɫ
  16. 3x10 - Dusty Gozongasɫ
  17. 3x11 - T-Shirt of the Living Deadɫ
  18. 3x12 - Carlɫ
  19. 4x03 - Deleted Scenes
  20. 4x09 - Moonajuana
  21. 6x07 - 2-and-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five

ɫ The Mooninites only appeared in the Spacecataz teaser for this episode.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Spinoff: At one point, the Mooninites were meant to be the focus of a spin-off series called Spacecataz, in which they would co-star with the Plutonians. Eventually, Williams Street came to the conclusion that there wasn't enough material in the pilot to stretch into a full series. The pilot was later disassembled and used for the teaser segments of Season Three.
  • Rap Gods: The Mooninites appeared on The Mouse and the Mask by Danger Doom, in the song "Vats of Urine." They opened and the song with the following banter:
Ignignokt: Behold, y'all: the digital vats of urine.
Err: Drink up, bitches! Taste our liquid gold.
Ignignokt: Err, you must respect yourself, forst you wreck yourself.
Err: Hey man, you made a rhyme!
Ignignokt: Yes, it is. For I am a rap god, from beyond the moon.

The two later appeared at the end of the song to perform a short rap:

Err: He's like a rap god. He's like a big log that you find in your toilet.
Ignignokt: Fo' real.
Err: Bow down and suck his knees!
Ignignokt: And I am about to kick it all up in here
Err: Stand by for kicking!
Ignignokt: I am the kicker Err, not you. You kick elsewhere.
Err: This sucks man, I'm bored.
Ignignokt: Me too.