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The Plutonians
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Actors Andy Merrill (Oglethorpe)
Mike Schatz (Emory)
First Appearance Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Recurring
Episode Count 16
Notable Episodes

The Plutonians are recurring villains on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In the third season, Oglethorpe and Emory regularly appeared in the teaser sequence with the Mooninites, replacing Dr. Weird and his assistant.


Basic Information

The Plutonians, Oglethorpe (voiced by Andy Merrill) and Emory (voiced by Mike Schatz),

Episode Appearances

The Plutonians have appeared in 16 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as of Season Three.

  1. 1x06 - Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
  2. 1x11 - Bad Replicant
  3. 2x11 - Universal Remonster
  4. 2x19 - Frat Aliens
  5. 2x24 - The Last One
  6. 3x01 - Video Ouijaɫ
  7. 3x02 - Unremarkable Voyageɫ
  8. 3x03 - Remoonedɫ
  9. 3x04 - Gee Whizɫ
  10. 3x05 - eDorkɫ
  11. 3x06 - Little Brittleɫ
  12. 3x07 - Robositterɫ
  13. 3x08 - Moon Masterɫ
  14. 3x09 - Dietɫ
  15. 3x11 - T-Shirt of the Living Deadɫ
  16. 3x12 - Carlɫ
  17. 4x03 - Deleted Scenes

ɫ The Plutonians only appeared in the Spacecataz or Dr. Weird teaser for this episode.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Spinoff: At one point, the Plutonians were meant to be the focus of a spinoff series called Spacecataz, in which they would co-star with the Mooninites. Eventually, Williams Street came to the conclusion that there wasn't enough material in the pilot to stretch into a full series. The pilot was later disassembled and used for the teaser segments of Season Three.