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Kate Lockley
Kate Lockley
Actor Elisabeth Röhm
First Appearance 1x02 - Lonely Hearts
Last Appearance 2x16 - Epiphany
Series Billing 1x02 to 2x16: Guest Star
Episode Count 15
Notable Episodes 1x06 - Sense and Sensitivity
1x15 - The Prodigal

Kate Lockley was a detective for the LAPD who aided Angel in his detective work occasionally by way of checking criminal records or other police files. She is credited as a guest star throughout the first and second season before leaving the series entirely. Kate was played by Elisabeth Röhm.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

Kate Lockley appeared in 15 episodes of Angel.

  1. 1x02 - Lonely Hearts
  2. 1x04 - I Fall to Pieces
  3. 1x05 - Rm w/a Vu
  4. 1x06 - Sense and Sensitivity
  5. 1x11 - Somnambulist
  6. 1x14 - I've Got You Under My Skin
  7. 1x15 - The Prodigal
  8. 1x19 - Sanctuary
  9. 1x22 - To Shanshu in L.A.
  10. 2x05 - Dear Boy
  11. 2x08 - The Shroud of Rahmon
  12. 2x10 - Reunion
  13. 2x14 - The Thin Dead Line
  14. 2x15 - Reprise
  15. 2x16 - Epiphany

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Original Conception: Back when Angel was going to be a much, much darker series than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kate was going to be introduced in Corrupt where she would be under deep cover as a prostitute. In the episode she was shown as being addicted to crack and sleeping with men for money. WB executives were horrified at the script and told Fury to write something less grim.