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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Faith Lehane
Actor Eliza Dushku
First Appearance 3x03 - Faith, Hope and Trick
Last Appearance 7x22 - Chosen
Series Billing 3x03 to 3x22: Recurring
4x15: Special Guest Star
4x16: Special Guest Star
7x18 to 7x22: Special Guest Star
Episode Count 20
Notable Episodes 3x03 - Faith, Hope and Trick
4x16 - Who Are You?
7x22 - Chosen
Also Appears On Angel
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Faith (also Faith Lehane) is the third slayer to be called within the run of the franchise. She is portrayed by Eliza Dushku.


Basic Information

Faith first appeared on our screens during Season 3 in the episode Faith, Hope & Trick. Faith made a big impact in this episode and got along great with the gang. She was a regular character throughout out Season 3 until she left in Graduation Day: Part 2. Her character then briefly returned in Season 4 for two episodes and finally returned in Season 7 to appear in the final 5 TV episodes of Buffy ever made.

Episode Appearances

  1. 3x03 - Faith, Hope and Trick
  2. 3x04 - Beauty and the Beasts
  3. 3x05 - Homecoming
  4. 3x07 - Revelations
  5. 3x10 - Amends
  6. 3x13 - The Zeppo
  7. 3x14 - Bad Girls
  8. 3x15 - Consequences
  9. 3x16 - Doppelgängland
  10. 3x17 - Enemies
  11. 3x19 - Choices
  12. 3x21 - Graduation Day (1)
  13. 3x22 - Graduation Day (2)
  14. 4x15 - This Year's Girl (1)
  15. 4x16 - Who Are You? (2)
  16. 7x18 - Dirty Girls
  17. 7x19 - Empty Places
  18. 7x20 - Touched
  19. 7x21 - End of Days
  20. 7x22 - Chosen

Character History

Memorable Moments