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Pillow Talk
Season 2, Episode 7
Airdate December 14, 2005
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6teenSeason Two
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Pillow Talk is the seventh episode of the second season of 6teen, and the thirty-third episode overall.

Guest Stars: Emily Hampshire (Starr), Adam Reid (Wayne), Dan Petronijevic (Dustin)


Plot Overview

Caitlin gets herself a new boyfriend named Dustin, whom her friends notice seems to have one eye slightly lower than the other. When Dustin drops by the Big Squeeze to see Caitlin, the gang takes notice of his perceived quirk, which freaks Dustin out and forces him to walk away.

Later, the gang decides to share their most embarrassing secrets with each other—Nikki once ran head-first into a stop sign at school, Jen accidentally sat on a chocolate bar while wearing white pants and walked around the mall with the chocolate stain on the pants for two hours before she finally noticed, Jonesy got his hair permed (he called it a "body wave") in the seventh grade, Wyatt built a shrine to his then-girlfriend Serena at home and kept it up even after she dumped him, Jude recalls his vomiting incident while trying to kiss Starr at the Gigantoplex and adds that it now causes Starr to gag every time she is reminded of it, and Caitlin had a length of toilet paper hanging from the back of her bikini bottom while she was at the beach one summer ago, which her then-friend Tricia filmed using her cell-phone camera and has sinced used against her as a blackmail tool. The gang then make a promise that their secrets are never to go outside their inner circle, but Caitlin later breaks that promise when she tells Dustin all of her friends' secrets but conveniently leaves out her own, worried what Dustin would think if he heard hers.

Jonesy lands tickets for he and the gang to see Zargon the Amaziologist, a hypnotist performing at The Galleria. Zargon picks Dustin as his first subject, and after he gets hypnotized, Jonesy and company discover to their horror and embarrassment what Caitlin had done when Dustin blabs all of the gang's secrets to the audience. Before Dustin can go further, a desperate Caitlin tackles him to the stage floor and snaps him out of his hypnosis.

Back at the Big Squeeze, Caitlin tries to smooth over her friends' hurt feelings by offering them free drinks, but the gang, angry over the betrayal of their trust and over being hassled by everyone at the mall, are having no part of it. Caitlin refuses to take responsibility for the gang's secrets getting out, shifting the blame over to Dustin and attempting to downplay and minimize the level of her friends' embarrassment, but Jen point-blankly tells Cait that the incident is her fault, and Nikki adds that she noticed Caitlin's secret was the only one Dustin did not tell while on stage. When Darth and Julie walk by the food court and make cracks about Nikki's stop sign run-in, Jen's chocolate sitdown and Jude throwing up in Starr's face (which causes Starr to become nauseous and run from the food court), Nikki and Jen chase and threaten the two geeks. After the rest of the gang walks away, Caitlin continues to deny any wrongdoing and blame Dustin for the leaked secrets. Coach Halder later takes a poke at Jen about her accident, and when Jen yells at Halder for his inconsiderateness and stupidity, he orders her to give him fifty pushups as punishment. Stanley the brat also takes his shot at Starr at Underground Video, and after Jude shoos him out of the store, he inadvertently causes Starr to vomit through further ill-thought-out reminders. Wyatt reveals that Serena has taken out a restraining order with mall security against him over the shrine, and Ron the Rent-a-cop walks by the store to remind him.

Having enough of the harassment from everyone and knowing that Caitlin was the only one whose secret had not been revealed, the gang decides to even the score by calling on Tricia to bring in her cell-phone film footage of Caitlin's "TP tail" beach incident, which they then show to Dustin on the store computer. Caitlin is mortified and gets angry at Tricia, but when the gang threatens to upload the footage to their entire school's e-mail list as payback for her spilling their secrets, Caitlin begs them not to and apologizes for betraying their confidences, then gets them to see the upside of the embarrassing things that happened to them, then proves her sincerity of how sorry she is by hitting the "send" button on the computer to send her beach footage online and adds that the gang's opinions matter more to her than those of anyone else combined. All is forgiven between Caitlin and her friends, but the reveal of the "TP tail" footage comes at two other prices—Dustin breaks up with Caitlin, and Jonesy points out that Underground Video's computer had been hooked up with the mall Jumbotron system when she uploaded it and everyone in the mall, much to Caitlin's own humiliation, can now see the film.

Jonesy starts up an online dating service and uses it as a scam to date as many girls as possible (under different personas) while dumping the guys' applications, but his scheme backfires on him royally during a date with a Star Trek fan at El Sporto's when several of his other dates show up and recognize him. Humbled by the experience, Jonesy fires himself from the dating service.


Arc Advancement



  • When The Clones laugh at the revelation of Nikki running into the stop sign at the Zargon show, Nikki shuts them up by raising her clenched fist at them


  • Jude recalling what happened to him and Starr at the movies in "The Khaki Girl"


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Dustin (in announcer voice while under hypnosis at Zargon's show): This just in—Jonesy went to a salon once and got a permanent wave!
    Wayne (to Jonesy, as the audience laughs): Dude! You did not! Tell me you did not!
  • Nikki (chasing after Darth and Julie at the food court): Come here, you creeps!
  • Nikki (to The Clones, as she walks out of the Khaki Barn): One more crack about stop signs and you'll be Siamese twins!
    Jen (walking up to meet Nikki): This is ridiculous! I can't go anywhere without being called "Chocolate Butt", or "Butt Spot", or...
    Kid (off-screen, to Jen): Butt Brownie!
    Jen (angrily): Shut it!
    Nikki (taking Jen by the arm): C'mon, let's go to Underground. Too many people know us at the Squeeze!
    Jen: Caitlin's gonna pay for this!