Welcome to Eltingville

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Welcome to Eltingville
Welcome to Eltingville
Premiere March 3, 2002
Finale March 3, 2002
Creator Evan Dorkin
Network/Provider Adult Swim
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Cartoon Network Studios
Episodes 1
Origin USA

Welcome to Eltingville (2002) is an animated comedy program based off of Eltingville stories from the Evan Dorkin comic book, Dork. Although the series never developed beyond the pilot, the pilot episode was acclaimed for its sharp, nerdy pop culture based humor. However, this was also its downfall as it alienated people who didn't understand the references.

The series was based around the Eltingville Club, a science-fiction, horror, comic-book and fantasy gaming club consisting of four teenagers who are archetypal nerds. Bill Dickey (Secretary of Comic Books and President), Josh Levy (Secretary of Science Fiction), Jerry Stokes (Secretary of Fantasy Gaming) and Pete DiNunzio (Secretary of Horror) gather together regularly to discuss their latest conquests and to participate in standard dork ventures, like hunting for rare action figures, sneaking into the latest science fiction and horror movies (and failing miserably) and going to the comics store.

The pilot episode premiered on Adult Swim on March 3, 2002. It has since reaired several times and occasionally appears on the Adult Swim streaming video service it aired 2 times on halloween night 2008 and has never aired since. Dorkin later attempted to revive the Eltingville universe in his pitch for Tyrone's Inferno, but that pitch remains unproduced.



Actor Character
Billed Cast
Troy Metcalf Josh Levy
Larc Spies Pete DiNunzio
Corey Brill Jerry Stokes
Jason Harris Bill Dickey
Tara Sands Jane Dickey


Title Network Airdate
Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett Adult Swim March 3, 2002

DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Adult Swim Pilots June 16, 2010 1
Episode(s) as Special Features  (Region 1)
Adult Swim in a Box October 27, 2009 purchase 13

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