Welcome to Eltingville/Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett

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Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett
Bring ME the Head of Boba Fett.jpg
Airdate March 3, 2002
Written by Evan Dorkin
Directed by Chuck Sheetz
Welcome to Eltingville

Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett is the pilot episode for Welcome to Eltingville. After being kicked out of the movies, Bill and Josh get into a heated trivia contest over a $300 Boba Fett action figure.

Voices: Jason Harris (Bill Dickey/Marv) Troy Metcalf (Josh Levy), Larc Spies (Pete DiNunzio/Sekowsky), Corey Brill (Jerry Stokes/Randall/Len), Tara Sands (Jane Dickey/Ensign Buffy/Jack) Glenn Jones (Joe), Christopher Ward (Ward Willoughby/Wilson), Alicia Sedwick (Mrs. Dickey/Ensign Xena/Mrs. Levy), Evan Dorkin (Ironjaw)


Plot Overview

During a typical meeting of the Eltingville Club, the members go through their business. Jerry has collected 300 letters of support (under assumed names) to get a Captain Sulu show going, Pete built up a Thing with Two Heads model but plans to sell it on eBay and Bill failed to contact Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry from beyond the grave once again. All of their accounts are put to shame by Josh's build up of his Sexy Sirens bootleg, which boasts having a collection of topless b-movie stars (and some actual ones too). But, when they put the tape in, it turns out to be a video of The Hair Bear Bunch. They all get into a fight and Bill's mom kicks them out of the house. Bill, in turn, kicks Josh out of the club.

The next day, Bill awakes from a nightmare where he, a Star Trek Federation captain, becomes stranded on a disgusting planet that's spewing pus. The planet turns out to be Josh's head. Because of this "freaky premonition," Bill decides to let Josh back into the club. The club reconvenes at the movie theater, where they plan on hopping movies all day. After two hours, they're discovered in the second movie and tossed out. After that, they go to a toy store, play video games and steal a kid's Happy Meal toy at the Burger Moat. They end their day at the local comic shop, where they witness Ward Willoughby get hit by a car. They quickly rifle through his cards and leave him to die in the street.

Inside the store, Josh and Bill discover the fabled Kenner 12-inch Boba Fett, still in the box. They both jump to buy it from the clerk. Seeing the opportunity to gouge them for all their worth, Joe sets the price at a hefty $300. Because they can't settle their differences, Josh challenges Bill to a trivia-off, with Fett as the prize. The contest rages on with questions progressively getting more obscure until Bill defeats Josh by asking "Who says bidi bidi bidi?" Josh incorrectly answers that Jerry says it, although he's been referencing Twiki from Buck Rogers. Josh, ever the sore loser, declares that he's going to run home and get the $300 for the toy before Bill can since Bill doesn't have the money on him. The two race back to their homes, knocking over the elderly and disabled on their way.

Bill finds his mother's checkbook with help from his sister Jane, who is making a voodoo doll of him. He rushes out of the house and Josh gets into the race again, with his mother's purse in hand. They get back to the store at the same time, but Joe, the owner, doesn't take checks or credit cards. When they learn of this, they get into a tugging match over Fett and they accidentally snap off his head. All four wind up being tossed out of the store and Bill walks away with Fett's head. While Josh weeps on the ground, Willoughby breaks the fourth wall to ask if this is the "end of the Eltingville Club?!"



The Show

  • Easter Eggs: A great deal of small references to Evan Dorkin's other work have been hidden in the backgrounds of the show. For instance, a Milk & Cheese poster can be seen on the wall in Bill's basement and a Space Ghost movie poster can be seen at the movie theater (Dorkin wrote for Space Ghost Coast to Coast). Other underground comics like Stray Bullets, Madman and Amy Racecar also get references in the form of posters and statues.

Behind the Scenes

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