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Brand 11 Alive
City of License Atlanta, Georgia
Market Atlanta, Georgia
Channel Digital 10
Virtual 11
11.2 (WIZ weather radar/WeatherNation)
11.3 (Justice Network)
11.4 (Quest TV)
Formerly: 8 analog (1951-53)
11 analog (1953-2009)
Network Affiliation Current: NBC
Formerly: ABC (1951-80)
Founded September 30, 1951
Company Tegna Media
(Pacific & Southern Broadcasting licensee)
Current Popular Non-Network Shows Wheel Of Fortune
11 Alive News Tonight
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

WXIA-TV is the callsign 11 Alive, a station in Atlanta, Georgia which is owned by Tegna Media. It is the city's NBC affiliate. It broadcasts on digital channel 10, displayed as virtual 11. Its subcarriers are 11.2 which is the station's Weather Information Zone radar with the national WeatherNation alongside, 11.3 which is the Justice Network, and 11,4 which is Quest TV. It had NBC Universal Sports/World Championship Sports on 10.3 (virtual 11.3) but that has since vacated the channel to become a pay channel on cable and satellite. WXIA's sister station is WATL/channel 36, the city's My Network TV affiliate.

The station was first slated to sign on in 1951 on channel 2 as WCON, owned by the Atlanta Constitution newspaper. However, the Constitution merged with rival the Atlanta Journal, owned by Cox. As Cox already owned WSB/channel 8, this would have created a duopoly that was against FCC regulations. WSB was eventually moved to channel 2, and WCON was sold to Crosley Broadcasting. It was allocated to channel 8 and signed on as WLTV as an ABC affiliate. It was the last licensed station to sign on before the FCC imposed a freeze on new television licenses at the time. The station's offices and studios were right in back of WSB, so WLTV merely took over control of the channel 8 transmitter. In 1953, WLTV changed calls to WLWA and was moved to channel 11 due to interference issues with WROM, an NBC station broadcasting from Rome, Georgia on channel 9. (WROM would move to Chattanooga six years later and be that market's ABC affiliate, WTVC.) Channel 8 was re-allocated for educational purposes and would sign on in 1960 as such.

The station would change ownership and calls throughout the years, and for a brief time in the early 1960s as WAII, the station carried the Tonight Show from NBC (which WSB passed up) and some CBS daytime shows (passed up by regular CBS affiliate WAGA/channel 5). From 1969 to 1974, the station's call was WQXI, which apart from call letters was unrelated to WQXI radio, then a top 40 station. (WQXI was also the first call sign of channel 36 in 1954.)

Channel 11's logo during its WQXI days.

It became WXIA in 1974. In 1980, it became an NBC affiliate after ABC switched to WSB. WXIA was bought by Gannett (owner of other TV stations and newspapers such as USA Today), which also owns WATL/channel 36 in Atlanta. In June 2015, Gannett split off its broadcasting division and renamed it TEGNA (a scrambling of each letter used in the name Gannett). The WXIA/WATL duopoly operates from the same headquarters south of the Buckhead community. WATL will step in to carry NBC shows in case WXIA bumps them for special programming or news event interruptions.

Station's logo from 1986.


Previous Call Signs

Call From To Notes
WCON - - Discarded prior to sign-on
WLTV 1951 1953 on channel 8 as ABC
WLWA 1953 1962 moved to ch. 11 in 1953
WAII 1962 1968
WQXI 1968 1973
WXIA 1973 present switched to NBC 1980

Digital programming

Virtual Physical Name Programming
11.1 10.1 WXIA-DT Main WXIA (NBC)
11.2 10.2 WXIA-DT2 WIZ weather radar/WeatherNation
11.3 10.3 WXIA-DT3 Justice Network
11.4 10.4 WXIA-DT4 Quest TV

Current Prime-Time Schedule

Day 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00
Monday Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy! The Voice The Brave 11 Alive News Tonight
Tuesday The Voice This Is Us Law & Order: True Crime
Wednesday The Blacklist Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago PD
Thursday Superstore The Good Place Will & Grace Great News Chicago Fire
Friday Encore programming Dateline NBC
Saturday Paid programming Paid programming Encore programming SNL Vintage 11 Alive News Saturday Night
Sunday Football Night in America Sunday Night Football 11 Alive News Tonight

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