The Daily Show/Viggo Mortensen (September 27, 2005)

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Viggo Mortensen
Daily Show 2005-09-27.jpg
Mortensen pulls out a variety of stuff from his mug.
Airdate September 27, 2005
Production Number 10122
Guest(s) Viggo Mortensen
September 26, 2005
Dr. Irwin Redlener
September 28, 2005
Jeff Garlin
The Daily Show2005

This is the 122nd episode of the 2005 season of The Daily Show.

Guest Stars: Viggo Mortensen (Guest), Don Lane (Himself), Megan Warfield (Herself)


Episode Overview



  • Iraq War: Mess O' Potamic, Jon Stewart
    • March of the Peaceniks - Just your typical protest. First came the traditional Running of the Liberals, followed by the display of eccentric signage, and then, of course, came the Raging Grannies. In the end, Cindy Sheehan was carried away by the police [1], so either she was arrested, or a Jewish wedding broke out.
  • Energy Crisis: Oil or Nothing, Jon Stewart
    • Oil Vey! - With sixteen Texas oil refineries still shutdown after the storm, clearly it's the worst thing to happen to the Texas oil industry since George W. Bush worked in it. And in what is clearly a sign of the end of times, Bush calls on Americans to be better conservers of energy... although it seemed harder for Bush to say than for most people to do.

Correspondent Piece

  • Public Enemy Number One, Samantha Bee (produced by Bronwen Epstein, edited by Daric Schlesselman) - It seems that even today, persecution can rear its ugly head, and in a move that is reminiscent of the south in the '50s, the state of Washington has banned "trucker bombs" - urine filled containers that truckers use to pee in, then throw out the window.


Viggo Mortensen of the Lord of the Rings trilogy talks about his new movie, A History of Violence, and in the process manages to get himself un-laid. Mortensen uses sleight of hand to put lizards in his mug of water for no discernable reason other than that he felt like it. Another highlight of the interview was an audio recording of Stephen Colbert reciting the history of Aragorn (Mortensen's character from Lord of the Rings) and Mortensen claiming that he sent Colbert characters from the series made out of chocolate.

Moment of Zen

Clips of four different speakers on the peace rally, chanting slogans:

  • Cindy Sheehan: "Not one more! Not one more!"
  • Man: "No more war! No more war!"
  • Jesse Jackson: "Bring the troops home now! Bring the troops home now!"
  • Virginia Setshedi: "Free, free Palestine!"


Memorable Moments

  • After a quote from Bush calling on Americans to better conserve energy, press secretary Scott McClellan is shown saying, "They're steps that are initiatives that the President has outlined that are important steps that we can take to reduce our dependance on foreign sources of energy. This has been a high priority for the President since day one." This following exchange from May 7, 2001, with former press secretary Ari Fleischer, is then shown:

    Journalist: "The President believes that given the amount of energy Americans consume per capita, how much it exceeds any other citizen in any other country in the world, [unintelligable] we need to correct our lifestyle?"
    Ari Fleischer: "That's a big no. The president believes that's an American way of life."