The Daily Show/Irwin Redlener (September 26, 2005)

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Dr. Irwin Redlener
Daily Show 2005-09-26.jpg
Ed Helms reporting live from New Orleans
Airdate September 26, 2005
Production Number 10121
Guest(s) Dr. Irwin Redlener
September 22, 2005
George Clooney
September 27, 2005
Viggo Mortensen
The Daily Show2005

This is the 121st episode of the 2005 season of The Daily Show.

Guest Stars: Dr. Irwin Redlener (Guest)


Episode Overview



  • Hurricane Rita: Waterworld, Jon Stewart - Tonight's show focused on Hurricane Rita, which proved the old rule that no matter how anticipated, sequels are always less compelling than the original.
    • Rita's Digest - Government's response to Rita went much more smoothly than Katrina, which was littered with faux pas, or as Bush prefers to call them, freedom pas. Bush also decides it's time to learn more about what goes on at the state and local levels... in Texas... where he was governor...

"On-Location" Report

  • Pressing Obligations, Ed Helms - A heroic Ed Helms does his part to help the people, and stuffed animals, affected by the hurricane.

Studio Report


Dr. Irwin Redlener, founder and director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, was on the show talking about our nation's lack of preparedness, and quite frankly, bumming everbody out.

Correspondent Titles

Moment of Zen

A reporter out in a hurricane, who previously on the show was shown getting knocked over by the wind, saying, "slipping and falling is something that's very easy to do, and it's just stupid to be out in this."