Charlie Rose (1991)

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Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose Logo.jpg
Premiere September 30, 1991
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Creator Charlie Rose
Host Charlie Rose
Network PBS
Style 60-minute talk show
Status Currently airing
Origin USA

Charlie Rose is a talk show that airs on PBS. Charlie Rose, the host of the show, is a journalist, like his counterparts on such Sunday morning talk shows as Tim Russert or Bob Schieffer, and his show is taped in a trademark black studio with nothing but a round oak desk and robotic cameras, so only Rose and his guest or guests are in the studio during taping. The result is an intimate conversation which provides an intelligent alternative to such late night talk shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or Late Show with David Letterman. Like those other late night shows, Rose often interviews actors, musicians, film makers and other TV and film personalities, but he is also much more likely to interview scientists, journalists, authors, politicians and other great minds of the day.



Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 30, 1991
Season Two September 1992
Season Three September 1993
Season Four September 1994
Season Five September 1995
Season Six September 1996
Season Seven September 1997
Season Eight September 1998
Season Nine September 1999
Season Ten September 2000
Season Eleven September 2001
Season Twelve September 2002
Season Thirteen September 2003
Season Fourteen September 2004
Season Fifteen September 2005
Season Sixteen September 2006
Season Seventeen September 2007
Season Eighteen September 2008


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