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The Enemy Within
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate August 1, 1997
Production Number 102
Written by Brad Wright
Directed by Dennis Berry
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Stargate SG-1Season One
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The Enemy Within is the third episode of the first season of Stargate SG-1, and the third episode overall.

Guest Stars: Gary Jones (Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis), Jay Acovone (Major Kawalsky), Kevin McNulty (Dr. Warner), Alan Rachins (Colonel Kenedy), Warren Takeuchi (Young Doctor)


Plot Overview

As the Goa'uld send bombs to splatter against the Stargate's protective iris, the SG-1 team faces several problems close to home. Colonel O'Neill wants to add a new member to the team: Teal'c, the Jaffa who risked his own skin to save O'Neill and his team on the other side of the Stargate. But General Hammond won't approve the appointment and O'Neill must watch as military intelligence agent Colonel Kennedy treats Teal'c like a guinea pig. To make matters worse, Kawalsky, O'Neill's right-hand man, has been having terrible headaches caused by an immature Goa'uld that attached itself to his brain. What they don't realize is that this larvae is trying to take over Kawalsky's body in an attempt to go back through the Stargate. Eventually the goa'uld attempts to leave and the SGC catches on and prepares to operate on Kawalsky to remove the symbiote.

With guidance from Teal'c, the doctors operate to remove the alien, but they don't get it in time - the symbiote transferred its consciousness entirely out of its body and into Kawalsky. Teal'c is being transferred by Kennedy for scientific experimentation but realizes that Kawalsky is trying to escape after setting the base auto-destruct. Teal'c intercepts him and they fight over the active Stargate - Teal'c thrust Kawalsky's head into the gate as they shut down the gate, removing the back of Kawalsky's skull. With Teal'c having proven his loyalty, Hammond has the leverage to override Kennedy and get him appointed to SG1.


  • Syndication airdate: September 21, 1998.
  • This episode's title may be a take-off from a Star Trek title The Enemy Within. The doctor Who movie also had a similar unofficial title.
  • Standard recon missions to: P3-575 and P3A-577
  • Kawalsky dies as Teal'c cuts the back of his head off containing the Larvae by putting his head in the stargate and shutting it off while he's still in it.
  • MacGyver also has an episode in season one titled The Enemy Within.

Arc Advancement



  • Although Jay Acovone (Major Kawalsky) dies in this episode, he does make several appearances in future SG-1 episodes.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • When Kawalsky (Goa'uld) was dialing out, they said he was going to Chulak but he was going to Abydos because the first glyph was that of Abydos and probably because they used the dialing sequence from the Stargate Movie.
  • Kawalsky goes from barely able to speak at all when he is speaking to Jack in pre-op to being able to speak clearly and ask General Hammond to make sure that he wakes up as "me or not at all" without any croak in his voice or any other apparent strain.
  • When Teal'c is in his quarters, the symbol on his head is upside down.
  • How did Kawalsky start the auto-destruct by himself? It takes 2 officers to start it and to abort it.
  • Everyone says the operation is a success and the entirety of the Goa'uld larvae is removed, but when Kawalsky's head is cut off a good-sized piece of the larva from within his head drops to the ground.
  • After the first attack you hear the wormhole shutting down and Sgt. Walter Davis looks at the computer screen it displays the wormhole as idle but when General Hammond calls for the radiation teams to move in you can still see the symbol lights lit and when the camera pans back the shimmering white light from behind the stargate is still there, then when Maj. Kawalsky leaves you can see all the computer screens flashing Destruct sequence activated even though the destruct sequence had been abhorred by Hammond and Davis. Then when the stargate starts to move again the lights are still on around the stargate. This has not happened in any other episodes.


Jack: (to barely coherent Kawalsky) If you don't make it...can I have your stereo?


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