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Stargate SG-1/Children of the Gods

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Children of the Gods
Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
Airdate July 27, 1997
Written by Jonathan Glassner &
Brad Wright
Directed by Mario Azzopardi

1x03 →
The Enemy Within
Stargate SG-1Season One

Children of the Gods is the first and second episodes of the first season of Stargate SG-1.

Richard Dean Anderson (Colonel Jack O'Neill), Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (Captain Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal'c), Don S. Davis (Major General George S. Hammond)

Jay Acovone (Major Charles Kawalsky), Vaitiare Bandera (Sha're), Robert Wisden (Major Bert Samuels), Peter Williams (Apophis), Brent Stait (Major Louis Ferretti), Gary Jones (Technician)

Special Guest Star: Alexis Cruz (Skaara)

Rachael Hayward (Guard #3), Rick Ravanello (Guard #2), J.B. Bivens (Guard #1), Stephen Sumner (Goa'uld #1), Adam Harrington (Goa'uld #2), John Bear Curtis (Primitive), John Tierney (Monk), Colin Lawrence (Warren), Garvin Cross (Casey), Anthony Ashbee (Soldier), Eric Schneider (Doctor), Andrew McIlwaine (Medic), Santo Lombardo (Bolaa), Sean Amsing (Tobay), Monique Rusu (Dark Skinned Woman), Janette de Vries (Female Serpent Guard)


Plot Overview

Colonel Jack O'Neill retired from the military a year ago. Prior to retirement, he led an expedition through the stargate, an ancient portal which allows instantaneous travel to other galaxies. He is called back to duty by General Hammond when a group of aliens emerge from the stargate, kill the soldiers guarding it and kidnap a female guard. After seeing the aftermath of the alien attack and the strange bodies they left behind, O'Neill confesses that he defied the order to destroy Abydos, the world he visited via the stargate. He reveals that Daniel Jackson, the scientist who was thought to have died on that mission, is alive and living on Abydos. It is also clear that these aliens are not from Abydos.

O'Neill is reunited with his old comrades Kawalsky and Ferretti and joined by Capt. Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist. SG-1 returns through the stargate to Abydos. They discover that Jackson has taken an Abydan wife, the beautiful Sha're, and that Skaara, the young Abydan boy O'Neill cherishes as a son, has grown into a fine young man. They also see Jackson's latest discovery: a giant cartouche covered in hieroglyphics that seems to be a map of many stargates throughout the galaxy.

As they marvel, however, the aliens led by the handsome but evil Apophis, are making use of a similar map. They emerge from the stargate on Abydos, and after a brief battle, kidnap Sha're and Skaara. Ferretti, who was wounded in the fire fight with the aliens, has seen the hieroglyphic code that indicates the alien's destination. O'Neill and Jackson are determined to follow the aliens and to save their loved ones.


Arc Advancement


  • A Goa'uld symbiote enters Major Kawalsky's through his neck in this episode.




The Show

  • Syndication airdate: September 14, 1998.
  • In this episode we learn that Ra was not the only System Lord. He was the Ultimate System Lord, but not the only System Lord. In this pilot episode we are introduced to two System Lords: Apophis and Amonet.
  • This episode is actually the 2-hour Stargate SG-1 pilot movie but it was broken down into a 2-part episode for syndication.
  • This episode's beginning credits were the same as the movie's.
  • Other countries always have the "Original" credits like that of this episode.
  • Aydos is a real city in Egypt.
  • In this episode, the corridors leading to the gate room are different looking.
  • We find out that Apophis is (in Egyptian Mythology) was the Serpent god who ruled the night.
  • The episode "Politics" states this episode occurred February 10th.

Behind the Scenes

There were 2 stargates made for the series:

  • Reconstructed from parts of the one seen in the original film, was used for exterior scenes on planet "Chulak," where a hideous species of predators are using the Gate for nefarious purposes. It also doubles as the stargate on Abydos.
  • The second stargate is part of a large, two-story permanent set at Vancouver's Bridge Studios that represents a secretive U.S. Air Force base. In addition to the stargate, it houses the Control Room, replete with sophisticated computers and tracking devices, a Briefing Room, and a series of circular corridors that leads to the Gate. Made of steel and fiberglass, this fully-automated stargate is much more sophisticated and is capable of rotating and emitting light. A specially-designed 22-foot circular gear was constructed that turns the Gate on a precise pinion drive wheel using an eight-horsepower electric motor. The entire apparatus is controlled by a custom computer program that reads -- with the help of a sensoring eye -- the laser pulses emitted by seven chevrons on the Gate. This mechanism allows the computer to rotate the Gate in either direction and stop it on a dime.
  • Notice that in the Abydos outside scene the sand is yellowish but in the background where the Great Pyramid is, the sand is red colored, that's because the Abydos scenes where filmed in Yuma, AZ and they just pasted the Great Pyramid onto the background.
  • In the original version of the script, there were 6 guards in the gate room, Apophis was called Apep & there was more dialogue.
  • The original Showtime airing of this episode featured a brief bit of nudity from actress Rachel Hayward when she is examined by the Gou'ald - this scene was subsequently deleted from Sci Fi Channel and syndicated re-airings, however, in the Season 1 DVD set of this episode, the scene is intact. On the other hand the special DVD release "Children of the Gods: Final Cut" has the nudity removed as the producers have said they want Stargate to be a family friendly series.
  • Alexis Cruz (Skaara) is one of only two people to appear in both the movie and the television series. The other is Erick Avari (Kasuf).

Allusions and References

Samantha Carter: "It took us 15 years and 3 super computers to MacGyver a dialing system for the stargate."

SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson also starred in the TV series MacGyver. His character there was a master of improvising escapes, bombs, etc., out of common items.

Memorable Moments


  • In the Stargate movie, the automatic weapons ran out of ammunition. So how are Skaara and the other kids able to put up a fight against the Jaffa? Even if SG-1 brought new ammo along for them, why would Daniel Jackson want the stargate guarded by kids with empty guns?
  • When on Abydos when Apophis was dialing in, when the kids where running away in one scene the gate had no lights on.
  • 2 symbols' places on the DHD were switched in this episode.
  • When Jack was with Kawalsky is his quarters, Kawalsky had the "Captain" rank pin instead of Major.
  • Jack said that 6 hostile aliens (Jaffa) came through the gate when 8 actually came through.
  • The sergeant escorting Jack to the SGC had the major oak leaves clusters on his shoulders.
  • Notice that in the Abydos outside scene the sand is yellowish but in the background where the Great Pyramid is, the sand is red colored, that's because the Abydos scenes where filmed in Yuma, AZ and they just pasted the Great Pyramid onto the background.
  • This is just a general nitpick about the DVD boxed sets. I didn't know where to put it. The gates printed on the disks only have 36 symbols.
  • Even though subtitling is usually poorly done on almost any production, Abydos is spelled "Avados" every time it's written in subtitles.
  • At no point did they officially give Dr. Jackson permission to join SG-1 and 2 on the mission, however they specifically mentioned that he was not to go with them.
  • In the scene where the Goa'uld are choosing new hosts, the Jaffa do not pull aside the curtains from Apophis' litter, forcing him to stumble through them in a clumsy -- and decidedly un-god like - fashion. What's the point of having an honor guard if they're going to allow him to make such an undignified entrance?
  • Major Kawalsky is called "Captain" twice and he had the captain rank pins on his combat uniform yet on the dress uniform he had the major pins.
  • The woman that the Jaffa took from the SGC said she was a Sergeant in the USAF but she had the senior airman insignia on her uniform.
  • When Apophis's servants were cutting the clothes off the women, you can clearly see that they didn't actually cut their clothes off but faked and also you can hear the ripping sound that occurs when you tear Velcro off!


  • Hammond: Have you thought of writing a book about your military exploits?
Jack: My work over the past 10 years has been Classified so I'd have to shoot anyone who actually read it. (pause) It's a joke, sir.
  • Sam: I logged over 100 hours in the Gulf War. Is that tough enough for you or are we going to have to arm-wrestle?
  • Jack: (to Samuels) Could you please shut-up, Mr. glass-is-half-empty.
  • Jack: Help me! I can save these people!
Teal'c: Many have said that... (shoots his fellow Jaffa) ...but you are the first one I believe.