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Test Run
Shin Chan (US)
Season Premiere August 19, 2006
Season Finale August 29, 2006
Episode Count 6
Notable Episodes Get Your Hands Off my Happy Cake!



Season One

The Test Run of FUNimation's Shin Chan adaptation aired in late August of 2006 on Saturdays and weeknights during Adult Swim. The six episodes aired were composed of vignettes that were mixed and matched across the show's 14 year history. None of the episodes used were prior to 1998, and only one vignette was digitally animated.

The test run was a success, and prompted Adult Swim to order a complete first season.


# # Title Airdate
1 1 Safe as a Dry Hump August 19, 2006
2 2 Pee Strike August 21, 2006
3 3 Honor and a Penis August 22, 2006
4 4 Get Your Hands Off my Happy Cake! August 24, 2006
5 5 Gigantic One-Eyed Monster August 28, 2006
6 6 Gum is a Good Food to Eat August 29, 2006