Shin Chan (US)/Get Your Hands Off my Happy Cake!

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Get Your Hands Off my Happy Cake!
CSC-FUNimation Episode 4.png
Test Run, Episode 4
Airdate August 24, 2006
Production Number 004
Written by Ryou Motohira
Hiroko Naka
Hiroko Hagita
Taeko Okina
Kazuhisa Sakaguchi
Directed by Keiichi Hara
ADR Writer(s) Joel Bergen
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Sarah Dyer
Evan Dorkin
ADR Director(s) Zach Bolton
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Honor and a Penis
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Gigantic One-Eyed Monster
Shin Chan (US)Test Run

Get Your Hands Off my Happy Cake! is the fourth episode of the test run of FUNimation's adaptation of Shin Chan, and the fourth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Jerry Jewell (Happiness Bunny), Gwendolyn Lau (Penny's mother), Troy Baker (Action Bastard), Kate Oxley (Lollipop)


Plot Overview

The Unbearable Sadness of Being (the Happiness Bunny)

Penny gets her mother to buy her a new stuffed bunny. Arriving home, Shin comes for a visit, and ends up eating their cake. Penny's mother takes out her anger on the stuffed bunny.

A Fistful of Bunny

After Ai shows up Penny at school, she takes to her mother's habits by taking out her rage on her stuffed bunny. When her mother finds out, the two agree to stop hurting their stuffed bunnies when they get angry. Of course, this becomes a challenge when Shin comes over, while being chased by Ai.

Curious Georgie Goes to the Zoo

Georgie comes over to play with Shin, even after Shin forgot he invited Georgie over. After Georgie accidentally wakes up Hima, he has to keep her company.

Action Bastard Busts a Move

Action Bastard is holding a contest for viewers to come up with a new move that he can use on his show. Now all the kids at Super Happy Funtime American School are in on it.


Arc Advancement





The Show

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