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Saundra Sharp

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Saundra Sharp
Born December 21, 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Sometimes credited as Saundra Sharpe
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
The Jeffersons Mabel 3x20 - Louise's Friend February 28, 1977
Charlie's Angels Hilda 2x19 - Angels in the Backfield January 25, 1978
Barnaby Jones Nurse Powell 7x04 - Hitch-hike to Terror October 19, 1978
Barnaby Jones Nurse Denning 8x05 - Design for Madness October 18, 1979
The Incredible Hulk Reporter 4x05 - Deep Shock December 12, 1980
Diff'rent Strokes Mrs. Robinson 3x14 - The Bus February 4, 1981
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 3x01 - Playing God (1) September 19, 1984
St. Elsewhere Peggy 3x03 - Two Balls and a Strike October 3, 1984
St. Elsewhere Peggy 3x05 - Breathless October 24, 1984
St. Elsewhere Peggy 3x11 - Homecoming December 5, 1984
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 3x18 - Any Portrait in a Storm January 30, 1985
T.J. Hooker Alicia Martin 4x18 - Sanctuary March 2, 1985
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 4x07 - Close Encounters November 20, 1985
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 4x14 - Family Ties January 22, 1986
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 5x04 - Brand New Bag October 15, 1986
St. Elsewhere Nurse Peggy Shotwell 6x08 - Heart On November 18, 1987

Awards and Accolades