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Al Sharpton
Saturday Night Live
Actor(s) Jerry Minor (2 appearances; 2000-2001)
Tracy Morgan (4 appearances + 1 special; 2002-2003)
Kenan Thompson (6 appearances; 2004-2007)
First Appearance 26x07 - Val Kilmer/U2
Last Appearance 32x13 - Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban
Episode Count 12 + 1 special

Al Sharpton is a civil rights activist who ran for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States in 2004. He has been lampooned by several SNL cast members, including Jerry Minor, Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson.


Basic Information

With his colorful personality and controversial stances on issues involving race relations, poverty and homosexuality, the New York-based Rev. Al Sharpton has become a popular impression for several SNL cast members. Although Sharpton had been a prominent figure in American politics throughout the 1990s, Jerry Minor was the first to portray him in 2000. Tracy Morgan took over the impression in 2002 and made it a recurring theme for himself, often appearing in the recurring parody of the MSNBC show Hardball. By the time Sharpton hosted in 2003, Morgan had left the show, but he returned for a special appearance and the opportunity to do his Sharpton impression to Sharpton. When Sharpton ran in the Democratic presidential primary, Kenan Thompson succeeded Morgan and saw the impression through the 2004 election cycle and beyond.


  1. 26x07 - Val Kilmer/U2: (Minor) "Weekend Update." Sharpton and Jesse Jackson appear together to discuss the disenfranchising of Black voters during the Florida election debacle.
  2. 26x10 - Mena Suvari/Lenny Kravitz: (Minor) "Weekend Update."
  3. 28x06 - Brittany Murphy/Nelly: (Morgan) "Donahue."
  4. 28x08 - Al Gore/Phish: (Morgan) "Hardball."
  5. SP10 - SNL Weekend Update Halftime Show: (Morgan) "Hardball."
  6. 28x20 - Dan Aykroyd/Beyonce Knowles: (Morgan) "Hardball."
  7. 29x07 - Al Sharpton/Pink: (Morgan) "Al Sharpton's Monologue."
  8. 29x09 - Jennifer Aniston/Black Eyed Peas: (Thompson) "Democratic National Committee (II)."
  9. 29x20 - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/J-Kwon: (Thompson) "Hardball."
  10. 30x16 - Cameron Diaz/Green Day: (Thompson) "The Papal Debate."
  11. 30x20 - Lindsay Lohan/Coldplay: (Thompson) "Weekend Update." Sharpton and Mexican President Vicente Fox trade racial insults until they decide to be racist against all other races.
  12. 32x07 - Matthew Fox/Tenacious D: (Thompson) "Weekend Update." Sharpton and Jesse Jackson again appear together on Weekend Update, this time to discuss the racist outburst by Michael Richards. They argue the "N-word" should be abolished and propose a new racial slur to replace it, "Kramer."
  13. 32x13 - Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban: (Thompson) "Weekend Update." Sharpton and Jesse Jackson appear together to demonstrate Barack Obama's "blackness" as per a chart they made. They conclude that he could be the first black president, although they insist that it should have been one of them.


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