Robot Chicken

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Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken-Title.jpg
Premiere February 20, 2005
Creator Matt Senreich &
Seth Green
Network/Provider Adult Swim
Style 15-minute animated comedy
Company Shadowmachine Films
(seasons 1–5)
Stoopid Monkey
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
(seasons 6—)
Sony Pictures Digital
(seasons 1–5),
Sony Pictures Television
(seasons 6—)
Williams Street
Distributor Sony Pictures Television (2005– ; USA)
Warner Bros. Television (2005– ; non-USA)
Seasons 11
Episodes 220 + 10 specials (through season 11)
Status Currently in limbo, has not yet been renewed or cancelled.
Origin USA
Official Site Adult Swim

Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animated comedy series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Robot Chicken grew out of an internet-based series created by Green and Senreich called Sweet J Presents for Sony Screenblast.

The series is essentially a higher budget version of Sweet J with some influence from Toyfare's Twisted MEGO/Toyfare Theatre. Although there is no plot to be spoken of in the series, the opening credits establish a framing device for the sketches—a chicken is resurrected by a mad scientist named Fritz Huhnmorder and forced to watch inane television for scientific reasons that go unexplained. The device is clearly inspired by the rehabilitation scene in A Clockwork Orange. Both characters rarely appear outside of the opening credits.

The body of the show is comprised of many rapid fire skits that are often less than 30 seconds long. These sketches often rely on quick gags (for instance, a tortoise riding a slug and exclaiming "Whee!") or pop culture references to cartoons like Thundercats and 1980s nostalgia. The series is often praised for its ability to cast celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Ashton Kutcher as themselves and as characters in the show. But, because the sketches are so short, these voices typically go unnoticed until the credits sequence.

The theme song for the show was written and performed by Les Claypool, who had also done notable theme songs for series like South Park. The ending theme of the show is a piece of muzak called "The Gonk" clucked by chickens. This piece of music was made most famous by Day of the Dead.



Unlike Saturday Night Live, MADtv or any sketch show with a featured cast, the Robot Chicken cast varies from episode to episode, with the exception of Seth Green. Casts are listed for each episode.


Season  Premiere Finale #
Adult Swim
Season One February 20, 2005 July 18, 2005 20
Season Two April 2, 2006 November 19, 2006 20
Season Three August 12, 2007 October 5, 2008 20
Season Four December 7, 2008 December 6, 2009 20
Season Five December 12, 2010 January 15, 2012 20
Season Six September 16, 2012 February 17, 2013 20
Season Seven April 13, 2014 December 7, 2014 20
Season Eight October 25, 2015 May 15, 2016 20
Season Nine December 10, 2017 July 22, 2018 20
Season Ten September 29, 2019 July 26, 2020 20
Season Eleven September 6, 2021 April 10, 2022 20


# Title Airdate
1 Robot Chicken Christmas Special December 22, 2005
2 Robot Chicken: Star Wars June 17, 2007
3 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II November 16, 2008
4 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III December 19, 2010
5 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special September 9, 2012
6 Born Again Virgin Christmas Special December 18, 2013
7 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise April 6, 2014
8 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship October 18, 2015
9 The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking October 8, 2017
10 The Bleepin' Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special May 23, 2021


DVD & Blu-Ray Releases


Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1)
Season One March 28, 2006 purchase 2
Season Two September 4, 2007 purchase 2
Season Three October 7, 2008 purchase 2
Season Four December 15, 2009 purchase 2
Season Five October 25, 2011 purchase 2
Individual Episodes  (Region 1)
Star Wars July 22, 2008 purchase 1
Star Wars: Episode II July 21, 2009 purchase 1
Star Wars III July 12, 2011 purchase 1
Season Sets - Various Series  (Region 1)
Adult Swim in a Box October 27, 2009 purchase 13


Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region A)
Season Five October 25, 2011 purchase 1
Individual Episodes  (Region A)
Star Wars III July 12, 2011 purchase 1

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