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Robot Chicken Star Wars Special
Special 2
Airdate June 17, 2007
Written by Doug Goldsein
Tom Root (head writers)
Seth Green,
Jordan Allen-Dutton,
Mike Fasolo,
Charles Horn,
Breckin Meyer,
Matthew Senreich,
Hugh Sterbakov,
Erik Weiner
Directed by Seth Green
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Robot ChickenSeason Two

Robot Chicken Star Wars Special is a special episode of Robot Chicken. The special is twice as long as an average episode and was made partially in honor of the science-fiction film series' 30th anniversary.

Starring: Seth Green (Nerd/Space Slug #2/Jenna Bush/Intercom Guy), Candace Bailey (Little Girl), Abraham Benrubi, Bob Bergen, Ahmed Best (AT-AT Driver/Jar-Jar Binks), Donald Faison (Doctor Evazan/Mace Windu), Joey Fatone (Himself), Keith Ferguson, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Hulk Hogan (Abe Lincoln), Tom Kane, George Lucas (Himself), Seth MacFarlane (Emperor Palpatine), Malcolm McDowell (Death Star Officer), Breckin Meyer (Admiral Ackbar/Space Slug #1/Boba Fett), Dan Milano (Little Boy), Chad Morgan, Conan O'Brien (Zuckuss), Robert Smigel (Emperor Syncro-Vox/Ray), Adam Talbott, James Van Der Beek


Episode Breakdown

  • Inside the AT-AT: Luke grapples the bottom of the AT-AT and slices its belly open with his lightsaber before tossing in a thermal detonator. An AT-AT technician is next to the hole Luke made, sitting on a toilet and reading a porn magazine called "Naboobies." The detonator explodes and the AT-AT falls over.
  • The Emperor's Phone Call: Emperor Palpatine receives a collect call from Darth Vader, who has the bad luck of informing him on the Death Star's demise at the hands of the "aluminum falcon." Palpatine goes off on him for not protecting the thermal exhaust port and wrecking his credit. His rant is interrupted by someone asking what he wants for lunch before going back to Vader who suggests that he "just rebuild it." He demands that Vader get back home or else he'll tell everyone about how much he cried about "Padamame or Panda Bear or whatever." Vader starts to cry and Palpatine is forced to calm him down by saying he loves him.
  • Jawa's Drink Order: A Jawa walks up to the bar in a Cantina, he's asked what he wants by the bartender and replies "Martini!"
  • The Janitor on Naboo: A janitor is sweeping up at the bottom of a chasm in Naboo when the two halves of the recently bisected Darth Maul nearly fall on him. He mutters under his breath that he wants to be transferred to Coruscant.
  • Admiral Ackbar Cereal: Early morning in a suburban kitchen, two kids are about to eat some bland cereal when Admiral Ackbar bursts out from another room, loudly declaring "It's a trap!" He knocks their cereal away and produces Admiral Ackbar Cereal, a cereal which has marshmallows and imitation crab meat.
  • Ponda Baba's Bad Day: The alien Ponda Baba wakes up and happily exclaims that it's going to be a good day today. He showers, brushes his enormous teeth, eats Admiral Ackbar Cereal and heads to his drafting job where he's certain that he'll be promoted. At work, his no-good friend Doctor Evazan convinces him to go for a drink in the Mos Eisley Tavern. They have this misfortune of being in a place by the bar when Luke Skywalker comes in and sits next to them. Evazan starts threatening Skywalker even though Ponda Baba just wanted to know who did his hair. One thing leads to another and Ben Kenobi cuts off Ponda's arm. Now limbless, Ponda is fired from his job by his boss.
  • Droid Metal Detector: C-3P0 goes through the metal detector and sets off the alarm whily R2-D2 goes through the x-ray machine.
  • Jedi Butter Fingers: While burning through a door on Naboo, Qui-Gon tries to hand Obi-Wan his lightsaber but Obi-Wan drops both it and his own saber. Both melt through the floor and much chaos is heard.
  • Vader's Stuck: The machine in Vader's meditation chamber puts his helmet on his head, but it gets stuck in the machine, lifting Vader fully off the ground in the process.
  • Death Star Orientation: It's Orientation Day at the Death Star and an officer explains to the new recruits that Darth Vader believes that he can choke people with the force even though he actually can't. But, in order to make sure that he won't kill them all with his lightsaber, they have to play along. After being "choked," the officer's "corpse" is carried off by floor chiefs who redress him with a mustache and send him back to work.
  • Luke is Alone: Luke Skywalker blows up the Death Star and thinks about calling Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru before realizing that they're both long dead.
  • George Lucas at the Convention: George Lucas and a nerd dressed as a Tauntaun are stuck in an elevator at a Star Wars convention. The nerd does his impression of the Tauntaun for him until Lucas gets out of the elevator and is discovered by a mob of nerds who chase him down. He's forced to hop on the back of the Tauntaun nerd from before, who races him to the panel where he makes a bad joke about the guy's bad odor. The two take a bow on stage and are cheered by the crowd. This fades to the nerd, now an old man, sitting with his son on his lap and saying that that (and not his son's birth) was the greatest moment of his life.
  • Luke's Training: Luke complains about his helmet's blast shield blinding him and Obi-Wan kicks him in the balls. He snaps back up with his lightsaber ready, but Obi-Wan gets him again for good measure.
  • Space Slug Chinese Delivery: The Millenium Falcon escapes from the grasp of the space slugs. One of them whines about never getting a spaceship, so they order Chinese food and plan on eating that ship when it comes.
  • The Janitor on Coruscant: That same janitor is mopping when the body of Mace Windu hits the ground. He contemplates transferring to the Death Star.
  • George of the Jedi: At his regular check up, President George W. Bush is told that he's perfectly healthy but has an abnormal midichlorian count. With his new jedi powers in tow, he pantses his doctor, uses the Jedi mind trick on his wife to get a threesome with Condoleeza Rice, tosses Bill Clinton's car into a lake and gets into a lightsaber duel with Abraham Lincoln. Bush wakes up in a shock after accidentally killing Jenna Bush and tries the mind trick on an aide concerned about the lack of WMDs. It doesn't work until he asks for a taco.
  • Bespin Forecast: The weather girl on the local Bespin news unsurprisingly forecasts the weather as being cloudy.
  • Tauntaun Camp Out: Luke cuts open a Tauntaun with his lightsaber but someone is already camping out in it.
  • Death Star "Yo Momma": In their final confrontation, Luke and the Emperor quickly devolve their threats into Yo Momma jokes. The two banter jokes back and forth until the Emperor stumbles on a joke about thinking lightsabers are low in calories. Luke beats the Emperor with three points against one and Vader throws the Emperor off of the balcony.
  • The Janitor on the Death Star: Once again, the janitor is cleaning below the balcony and the Emperor's corpse falls where he was sweeping.
  • Slight Weapons Malfunction: While escorting Chewbacca to the detention blocks, Luke and Han shoot at some Stormtroopers, but the sound tips off another person on the intercom to some problem in that block. Han tries to smooth talk his way around the situation, but his lies about a reactor being in the detention block wind up getting him straight to Darth Vader who says that someone should build one since you can never have too many reactors. Han eventually gets frustrated and just shoots the intercom.
  • Jar Jar Returns: Long after Anakin Skywalker lost his legs and became Darth Vader, his old friend Jar-Jar Binks returns to the Death Star. Vader tells him that he's no longer going by the name of Anakin but Jar Jar keeps tapping on his helmet, pulling it off and generally being annoying until Vader tosses him into an airlock and sends him into space. While Vader is trying to sleep, Jar Jar appears again, now in the ghostly dead Jedi form.
  • The Power Converters: At Tashi Station, a strip club, the Power Converters are actually a trio strippers and Luke's desire to pick up some power converters was slang for trying to nail one of the strippers.
  • Boba Fett Wins: Boba Fett, on Slave-1, mocks Han Solo in carbonite by threatening him with guns, showing how much faster he is than Solo was and taking off his helmet to show that he's better looking with the helmet off. Fett's bragging devolves into a somewhat homoerotic scene where Boba Fett gets uncomfortably close to Han, saying that he's "begging for a little piece of Boba."
  • Chewbacca's Happy Days: Chewbacca, in a homage to Happy Days, comes his hair and gives the mirror the classic Fonzie thumbs up.
  • Luke Learns the Truth: While Luke is trying to escape from Darth Vader in Bespin, Vader tells him that he's his father, that Leia is his sister, that the Empire will be defeated by Ewoks and that he built C-3P0 when he was only a little kid. Luke, frustrated, tells Vader that if he won't take this seriously, he's leaving.
  • Not Fully Operational Battle Station: Emperor Palpatine is trying to intimidate Luke with the power of the fully operational Death Star, but his speech is overwhelmed by the noise of the construction crews working on his chambers in the Death Star. He tries to get Ray to work somewhere else on the Death Star while he's threatening Luke, but Ray doesn't care and cuts off more of his threats.
  • Lobot!: Lobot, a stiff guy from the Cloud City, dances with his headphones on during a private moment.
  • Max Reebo's Greatest Hits: Jabba's blue elephant band leader, Max Reebo, has a posthumous greatest hits album released with songs like "Why Do I Look Like an Elephant?" and a duet with Joey Fatone called "Neither of us is an Elephant."
  • Midnight with Zuckuss: Bounty Hunter and Talk Show Host Zuckuss speaks with Emperor Palpatine in the style of Late Night with Conan O'Brien and the syncrovox sketch concept. Palpatine makes several disparaging remarks about how he solves all his problems with lightning and how he's constantly soiling his adult diapers before the television screen goes back up. Zuckuss brings out Little Darth Vader, who he makes fun of until the Death Star blows up his studio.
  • The Morning After with Luke & Leia: Luke and Leia are shown in bed together after the two had sex.
  • Empire on Ice: The characters from Star Wars reenact the first several scenes from Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, except done in the style of the Icecapades.



The Show

  • Reprisals: Ahmed Best and Mark Hamill both reprise their roles from the Star Wars films. Respectively, they played Jar-Jar Binks and Luke Skywalker. However, the sketch with Hamill voicing Skywalker was recycled from a previous episode.
  • Recycled Sketches: Several sketches in this episode were pulled from previous shows. Among these sketches are The Emperor's Phone Call (from 1987), George of the Jedi (from Massage Chair) and Luke Learns the Truth (from Vegetable Fun Fest).

Behind the Scenes

  • Genesis: This special was largely created because of the "Emperor Phone Call" sketch, where Palpatine fields a phone call from Vader shortly after the Death Star was blown up for the first time. After the sketch was broadcast in an episode, someone at Lucasfilms saw and enjoyed it enough to ask if they could put the clip on The Robot Chicken and Lucasfilms crews developed a relationship and considered what they could do together and, eventually, came up with this after being allowed a tour of Skywalker Ranch.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Admiral Ackbar: Your tongues can't repel flavor of that magnitude!