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Alexander "Alex" Mahone
Prison Break
Prison Break-Alexander Mahone.jpg
Actor William Fichtner
First Appearance 2x01 - Manhunt
Series Billing
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Basic Information

Character History

  • Separated from wife Pam, son is Cameron.
  • Buried former escapee Oscar Shales in his yard after a prolonged search.
  • Is addicted to drug 'Veratril'.
  • Is responsible for the deaths of Abruzzi, Haywire, Tweener and Aldo Burrows and the presumed death of Agent Wheeler.
  • Tries to frame Michael and Lincoln for the murder of Special Agent Bill Kim
  • Gets sent to Sona after being caught with a large amount of drugs, set up by Michael.
  • Kills a fellow inmate Michael was forced to fight, in order to protect him because he sees Michael as his 'get out of jail free' card from Sona.

Memorable Moments



Alex: Kellerman's more of a loose end than you realize, he shot me. The guy you wanted to double-cross screwed you first.

Alex: She better be able to handle alot more than that, because if she has done what you think she has... Sara ... she's the weak link, and he will find her, and then Scofield will find you...and me... and I'm not payin' for your mess.