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Prison Break/Sara Tancredi

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Sara Tancredi
Prison Break
Prison Break-Sara Tancredi.jpg
Actors Sarah Wayne Callies
Katie Amanda Keane
(body double - Season 3 only)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 2x22 - Sona (full appearance)
3x03 - Call Waiting (voice only)
Series Billing Season 12: Billed
Season 3: Voice and Body Doubles Appearances Only
Episode Count 44
Notable Episodes 1x16 - Brother's Keeper


Basic Information

Dr. Sara Tancredi is the resident doctor at Fox River Penitentiary. She is also the daughter of Illinois' Governor, Frank Tancredi.

Character History

  • Recognized strange things in Michael's insulin readings, scheduled a test to confirm his status as a diabetic.
  • A former morphine addict

Memorable Moments

  • 1x07: Trapped in an exam room during a prison riot, she uses a needle and a shard of glass to defend herself.
  • 1x16: In the flashback episode, she injects herself with morphine during her shift at the hospital.


  • Second eldest daughter of the governor of Illinois.
  • Graduated from Northwestern University


  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem.
    Michael Scofield: "Be the change you want to see in the world"... What?
    Dr Sara Tancredi: Nothing... that was just my senior quote.
    Michael Scofield: That was you? This whole time I thought it was Gandhi.
  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: Michael, I think there's cynicism and there's realism.
    Michael Scofield: And there's optimism, hope, faith...