Lost/The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

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The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt
Season , Episode
Airdate November 13, 2007
Production Number 103
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director(s) Jack Bender
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The Watch
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King of the Castle
LostLost: Missing Pieces

The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt is the second mobisode of Lost: Missing Pieces, and the second mobisode overall.

Guest Stars: Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes), Sean Whalen (Neil "Frogurt")


Hugo "Hurley" Reyes attempts to leave Rose and Bernard's tent unseen, but Neil "Frogurt" catches him and a DHARMA-branded bottle of Cabernet falls out of Hurley's pack. Frogurt picks up the Cabernet, but Hurley snags it back, telling Frogurt that he was allowed to take it. Frogurt doesn't care about the Cabernet, but wants to know if Hurley is going to make a move on Libby or not. He doesn't think Hurley isn't going to get past laundry duty with Libby and wants Hurley to move on so he can make his own move on Libby. Hurley lets Frogurt know that he's got a date with Libby and that's why he's got the Cabernet. Frogurt leaves, but not before warning Hurley that he's moving in if Hurley can't close with Libby.



Frogurt: Hello Hurley.
Hurley: Frogurt.
Frogurt: It's "Neil".
Hurley: Neil.
Frogurt: What are you doing in Rose and Bernard's tent, Hurley?
Hurley: Nothin'.
Frogurt: Nothin', huh? Looks to me like you snagged some DHARMA cabernet.
Hurley: Bernard said I could borrow it.
Frogurt: Don't worry, bro. I'm not here to get up in your scene; if you wanna steal from Bernie, you steal from Bernie. I just have a question for ya. What's goin' on with you and Libby?
Hurley: What do you mean?
Frogurt: I mean, are you gonna make a move or not?
Hurley: It's none of your business, dude.
Frogurt: Look, tubby. You're holding up the line. You and I both know that you're not gonna get past doing laundry with her. So, how 'bout you back off and let a real man show her what's what.
Hurley: Really?
Frogurt: Really.
Hurley: Well... it just so happens that I'm way past laundry. Yeah, that's right. In fact, I got a date with Libby right now. We're goin' on a picnic.
Frogurt: You got a date with her?
Hurley: Yeah. I'm bringin' the wine, she's bringin' the blankets.
Frogurt: Well played, Hurley. Well played. But this isn't over. If you can't close with sweet Libby, it's "Neil time". Now, and forever.