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Dr. Pierre Chang
a.k.a. Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund, & Edgar Halliwax

Actor François Chau
First Appearance 2x03 - Orientation
Last Appearance 6x12 - Everybody Loves Hugo
Show Status Series: Uncredited Guest Star
6x17-18: Billed
Episode Count 15
Notable Episodes 2x03 - Orientation
2x21 - ?
5x01 - Because You Left
5x13 - Some Like It Hoth

Dr. Pierre Chang is a high ranking member of the DHARMA Initiative. He is the host of several DHARMA videos, most notably the Orientation films for the DHARMA stations, in which he is generally using aliases. In the orientation films for The Swan and The Arrow Stations he introduces himself as Dr. Marvin Candle, in the orientation tape for The Pearl he goes by the name Dr. Mark Wickmund, and in the orientation film for The Orchid, he is called Dr. Edgar Halliwax. He is played by François Chau, and appeared in fifteen episodes.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

A young Benjamin Linus was one of many new arrivals to the island under the auspices of the DHARMA Initiative. The arrivals were sent to processing and watched an orientation film narrated by Chang, although he never states his name, in a Hawaiian shirt under a white lab coat bearing the insignia for The Swan. Chang welcomed the new arrivals to the barracks, warning them to stay within its confines as a sonar fence protected the facility from the island's "wildlife".

After Oceanic 815

Season Two

"Dr. Marvin Candle" is the narrator of the orientation film accompanying Station 3, or "The Swan". He explains the history of the DHARMA Initiative, as well as the responsibilities of the inhabitants of the station. The film in which he appears is quite jumpy and has parts missing. Kelvin Inman claimed these parts were removed by his former partner in The Swan, Radzinksy, but the reasoning for the edits were not revealed. Dr. Candle has a prosthetic hand, for reasons unknown.

"Dr. Mark Wickmund" is the narrator of the orientation film accompanying Station 5, or "The Pearl". He explains the responsibilities of the inhabitants of The Pearl and gives instructions. Some of the information he provides contradicts the information he provided in the Swan's orientation film, giving the appearance that The Swan was a psychological experiment. In addition, Dr. Wickmund does not have a prosthetic hand as he demonstrates full use of both hands in the orientation film. Unlike The Swan's orientation film, Wickmund appears within the station and demonstrates some of its uses. Presumably Wickmund was on the island at one point in time.

Season Three

The doctor appeared again, this time without introducing himself, with the manual override of The Flame's computer. Rather than an orientation film, he was part of a semi-interactive computer program offering a choice of codes for the user to enter into the computer terminal. These choices were: Pallet Drop, Station Uplink, Mainland Communications and Sonar Access. John Locke attempted to execute the latter two choices, but The Flame's satellite dish was inoperable as was the sonar. This prompted the doctor to ask if an incursion by the hostiles has occurred and, if so, to enter "77" into the computer terminal. This code was entered into the computer, triggering a time-delayed activation of C4 explosives planted in the station and the destruction of The Flame.

After the Island

Benjamin Linus appeared in the Sahara Desert wearing a parka bearing the name tag "Halliwax".

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x03 - Orientation
  2. 2x09 - What Kate Did
  3. 2x21 - ?
  4. 3x11 - Enter 77
  5. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
  6. 4x13 - There Is No Place Like Home (2)
  7. 5x01 - Because You Left
  8. 5x09 - Namaste
  9. 5x13 - Some Like It Hoth
  10. 5x14 - The Variable
  11. 5x15 - Follow the Leader
  12. 5x16 - The Incident (1)
  13. 5x17 - The Incident (2)
  14. 6x12 - Everybody Loves Hugo
  15. 6x17 - The End (1)

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • It's just a flesh wound: In the Lost podcast, two of the writers confirmed that Dr. Candle does indeed have a prosthetic left arm. This may be true for the Dr. Candle character, but it might not be true for Dr. Chang.
  • The candle connection: Each of Dr. Changs know aliases refers to candles: a wick is a part of a candle, which is made of wax.


  • 2x03 - Orientation: "You and your partner are currently located in Station 3 or "the Swan" and will be for the next 540 days. Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to better understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from this sector of the island. Not long after the experiments began, however, there was... an incident. And since that time the following protocol has been observed. Every 108 minutes a button must be pushed. From the moment the alarm sounds you will have 4 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor [splice] induction into the program. When the alarm sounds, either you or your partner must input the code."
  • 2x03 - Orientation: "Congratulations. Until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of the De Groots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us at the DHARMA Initiative, thank you. Namaste. And... good luck."
  • 2x09 - What Kate Did: "Do not attempt to use the computer for anything else other than the entering of the code. This is its only function. The isolation that attends the duties associated with Station 3 may tempt you to try and utilize the computer for communication with the outside world. This is strictly forbidden. Attempting to use the computer in this manner will compromise the integrity of the project and... worse, could lead to another incident. I repeat, do not use the computer for anything other than entering the code."
  • 2x21 - ?: "Hello, I am Dr. Mark Wickmund and this is the orientation film for Station 5 of The DHARMA Initiative. Station 5 or "the Pearl" is a monitoring station where the activities of participants in DHARMA Initiative projects can be observed and recorded. Not only for posterity, but for the ongoing refinement of the Initiative as a whole. As Karen DeGroot herself has written, 'Careful observation is the only key to true and complete awareness.' Your tour of duty in the Pearl will last three weeks and during this time you and your partner will observe a psychological experiment in progress. Your duty is to observe team members in another station on the island. These team members are not aware that they are under surveillance or that they are the subjects of an experiment. Working in eight hour shifts, you and your partner will record everything you observe in the notebooks we've provided. 'What is the nature of the experiment,' you might ask? 'What do these subjects believe they are accomplishing as they struggle to fulfill their tasks?' You, as the observer, do not need to know. All you need to know is the subjects believe their job is of the utmost importance. Remember, everything that occurs, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant, must be recorded. Each time a notebook is filled with the fruits of your diligent observation, roll it up and put it in one of the containers provided. Then, simply place the container in the pneumatic tube and — presto — it will be transported directly to us. By the end of your eight hour shift, proceed to the Pala Ferry which will take you back to the barracks [static] and prepare for your next [static] On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us here at The DHARMA Initiative: Thank you, namaste, and good luck."
  • 3x11 - Enter 77: "Has there been an incursion on this station by the hostiles? If so, enter '7-7'."
  • 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain: "Welcome to the island. For your own comfort and safety, we ask that you stay within the confines of your new living quarters. Our barracks are surrounded by a high-frequency sonar fence to protect us from the island's abundant and diverse wildlife. You're now a member of the DHARMA Initiative. [unintelligible] Every morning you will be given a new code to allow you to cross outside the fences if you so desire. There are properties on this island that exist nowhere else on Earth. Our mission is to study these properties for the betterment of mankind and advancement of world peace. Most of you will be working on the mainland. Should you be assigned to zoological studies, the Pala Ferry will carry you [unintelligible] three times a day. [unintelligible]"
  • The Orchid Orientation Film from Comic-Con '07: [holds a rabbit stenciled with the number 15] "Hello. I'm Dr. Edgar Halliwax, and this is the orientation film for station six of the DHARMA Initiative. As you may no doubt have surmised, station six or "the Orchid" is not a botanical research [cut off]. We apologize for asking you to deceive your family and colleagues. This is, of course, in the interest of their own security. The unique properties of this island created a kind of Casimir effect, allowing us to [cut off]. The field you have been selected to study is highly volatile and potentially dangerous. But, over the next few minutes, we will demonstrate the elaborate safety measures that have been put in place to insure that- [something drops behind Halliwax] the hell? [a second rabbit stenciled with the number 15 appears behind him] The hell! Don't let them near each other! When did you set the shift!? How long? Why is the [camera] still running? Turn it off. Turn it off!"