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Lost Omar.JPG
Actor Anthony Azizi
First Appearance 4x05 - The Constant
Last Appearance 6x10 - The Package
Series Billing Series: Guest Star
Episode Count 7
Notable Episodes 4x05 - The Constant

Omar is a member of the team onboard the Kahana - a freighter looking for the island. He is played by Anthony Azizi and has appeared in seven episodes to date.


Basic Information

Not much is known about Omar's life, other than the fact that he lives in Florida.

After Oceanic 815

Season Four

Omar was hired by Charles Widmore as part of a group of mercenaries. They were sent on the Kahana with a mission: to locate the island, capture Benjamin Linus and kill everyone else on the island. Omar's group was led by Martin Keamy and most of the other people on the freighter believed that they were simply on security duty and that their job was to escort Ben back to the United States.

Episode Appearances

  1. 4x05 - The Constant
  2. 4x08 - Meet Kevin Johnson
  3. 4x11 - Cabin Fever
  4. 4x12 - There's No Place Like Home (1)
  5. 4x13 - There's No Place Like Home (2)
  6. 6x06 - Sundown
  7. 6x10 - The Package

Character History

Memorable Moments