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Christopher McCulloch
Born September 14, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Notable Roles The Venture Bros., as Hank Venture
The Venture Bros., as The Monarch
Notable Episodes



Christopher McCulloch is the creator of The Venture Bros. where he uses the pseudonym Jackson Publick. He was also a writer and storyboarder for The Tick (1994). Jackson grew up in the New York, New Jersey area, where he and his brother would play "haunted house" games, like decorating the attic or a room to a theme, like Spiderman or Ghouls and Ghosts. Jackson grew up a majority of his life without a mother, which he states contributed with the boys being grown with out a true female mother figure. Jackson went to school at a Community College for the arts, realized it was not for him, and then walked-on to Rutgers University. Publick later worked for a comic book store for a majority of his life, until finding wing under Tick creator Ben Edlund.


as Christopher McCulloch

Series Episode Airdate
The Tick (1994) 1x11 - The Tick vs. The Mole Men November 19, 1994
The Tick (1994) 2x02 - Alone Together September 16, 1995
The Tick (1994) 3x01 - That Mustache Feeling September 14, 1996
The Tick (1994) 3x03 - Sidekicks Don't Kiss September 28, 1996
The Tick (1994) 3x05 - Devil in Diapers October 12, 1996
The Tick (1994) 3x08 - The Tick vs. Science November 9, 1996
The Tick (2001) 1x02 - The Funeral November 15, 2001
Grim & Evil 1x12A - Big Trouble in Billy's Basement October 11, 2002

as Jackson Publick

Series Episode Airdate
The Venture Bros. 0x01 - The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay February 13, 2003
The Venture Bros. 1x01 - Dia de los Dangerous August 7, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x03 - Home Insecurity August 21, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x04 - The Incredible Mr. Brisby August 28, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x07 - Ghosts of the Sargasso September 11, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x08 - Ice Station - Impossible! September 18, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x09 - Midlife Chrysalis September 25, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x11 - Past Tense October 16, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1x13 - Return to Spider-Skull Island October 30, 2004
The Venture Bros. 1xS1 - A Very Venture Christmas December 19, 2004
The Venture Bros. 2x01 - Powerless in the Face of Death June 25, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x02 - Hate Floats July 2, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x03 - Assassinanny 911 July 9, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x05 - Twenty Years to Midnight August 6, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x07 - Love-Bheits August 20, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x09 - Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? September 10, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x12 - Showdown at Cremation Creek (1) October 8, 2006
The Venture Bros. 2x13 - Showdown at Cremation Creek (1) October 15, 2006

Director (as Jackson Publick)

Series Year(s) Title Season(s)
The Venture Bros. 2003- Director 1, 2

Producer (as Jackson Publick)

Series Year(s) Title Season(s)
The Venture Bros. 2003- Executive Producer 1, 2


Starring Roles

Series Role Duration
The Venture Bros. Hank Venture, The Monarch, Henchman 24 1, 2

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