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Assassinanny 911
Venturebros assassinanny.jpg
Season 2, Episode 3
Airdate July 9, 2006
Production Number 203
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director(s) Jackson Publick
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Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
The Venture Bros.Season Two

Assassinanny 911 is the third episode of the second season of The Venture Bros. and the eighteenth episode overall. Brock has a mission and he leaves the Venture family in the care of Molotov Cocktease, who decides to "train them to be men."

Voice Talent: James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture/The Phantom Limb), Patrick Warburton (Brock Samson), Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean Venture), Chris McCulloch (Hank Venture/Hunter Gathers/OSI Agent), Mia Barron (Island Girl/Molotov Cocktease), Brendon Small (Plastic Surgeon), Steven Rattazzi (Dr. Orpheus), Lisa Hammer (Triana Orpheus), Nina Hellman (Kim)


Plot Overview

Twenty-one years earlier, Special Agent-in-Training Brock Samson arrives at the Office of Secret Intelligence and meets Colonel Hunter Gathers.

Back in the present, Brock is performing the Venture twins' monthly head lice check while Molotov Cocktease watches in disgust. Brock has been called away on a secret mission and is leaving Molotov in charge. She is disgusted by what appears to be Brock's "domestication." Dr. Venture is slightly annoyed by her presence at first, but after hearing that Brock never had sex with her, changes his mind.

After Brock leaves, Molotov tells the Ventures that she's going to turn them into men.

Brock meets with an O.S.I. agent in a limousine who hands him a secret agent kit that Brock summarily rejects, then briefs him on the mission. Brock's mentor Hunter has gone rogue and must be killed. The agent jumps out the limo (along with the driver) right before it plunges into the sea. Brock exits underwater and heads to a submarine.

Twenty-one years ago, Brock is being trained in a pool under Mt. Rushmore. The training involves killing two divers and a hammerhead shark, which Brock gets a bit carried away with.

Back at the Venture compound, Molotov is shooting at the Venture family with an automatic. They aren't really learning much.

Brock is briefed aboard the submarine as he drinks wine and eats lobster. He must head to Macronesia before Hunter uses a kidnapped plastic surgeon to change his identity. To do so, he will travel by man-missile.

Molotov teaches the boys how to fight. Dean scores a hit on Hank, knocking his brother down. In retaliation, Hank stabs Dean in the foot with a pencil, causing him to pass out. Just then, the alarms go off. Indian (Apache) ghosts are attacking the compound. Molotov calls Brock, who dismisses her and tells her to call Dr. Orpheus. Brock lands in the waters near Macronesia.

Dr. Orpheus expels the spirits, explaining that he usually takes care of them but was confused by the leap-year this time around. Hank pushes the necromancer out the door, though Dr. Venture invites Molotov for a nightcap and Dr. Orpheus misunderstands, offering to get the glasses.

Brock arrives on shore and meets his contact, a beautiful woman in a bikini with a six-pack of beer.

Back in their room, Hank tears down his posters of women athletes. He says that he's a real man now. The next morning, Hank tries to wake up Molotov with breakfast in bed, but she strangles him instead. Brock calls to check up on them, but Dr. Venture interrupts them with grocery shopping talk.

Brock remembers working with Hunter in Paris twenty years ago. Hunter instructs him on the "no women, no children" rule, though Brock is trying to think of a loophole. They spot Molotov Cocktease on a nearby roof.

At the compound, Molotov kicks Dr. Venture into a wall when he tries to talk to her. Outside, Triana and her friend Kim come to the pool to swim, but find Dean is sitting on a float reading a book Molotov assigned him while Hank swims laps. Dean tells Triana what's been going on. Meanwhile, Hank spots his father and Molotov through a window, and seeing red on his father's collar (actually blood), assumes something is going on.

Molotov tries to smoke inside, and Dr. Venture tells her smoking isn't allowed. She loses her temper, but is interrupted by Dean tapping on the glass to tell her Hank's drowning. Molotov pulls Hank out of the water and gives him mouth-to-mouth, then leaves to rinse her mouth out (he had milk breath). Dean points at the erection in Hank's pants and mistakenly thinks that the Apaches are back.

Brock wakes up in Macronesia and find the woman next to him unconscious, thinking her dead. She wakes up after he leaves.

In the present day, Molotov wanders into Brock's room and lies on his bed. She remembers playing around with Brock in a hotel room, before stabbing him and setting the room on fire. She also took the cigarettes.

Hank does something similar in Molotov's room, smelling her boots. Then a spring-needle in her heel jabs him in the neck, and he hallucinates that Molotov's breasts (which look like Hank's head) are telling him to kill his father. Hank grabs a machete and walks into Dr. Venture's lab. He hits his father with the sword repeatedly.

Brock walks into the temple where Hunter is holed up, and finds him on an operating table. The plastic surgeon gives Brock a message, which Brock ignores. Brock pulls back the cloth to find that Hunter now has breasts. Brock doesn't kill him, and gets ready to leave, but checks further down just to be sure. He's horrified.

Brock arrives home and tells Molotov that he would prefer to stay with the Ventures. Dr. Venture informs Brock that Hank is grounded because he hit his father with a paper-mâche sword. Hank watches Molotov drive away.


  • The Office of Secret Intelligence (O.S.I.) has been around since the second American Revolution — the invisible one.

Arc Advancement


  • Brock performs the boys' monthly head lice check.
  • Manaconda attacks the Venture hangar but is quickly dispatched by Molotov. It spawns babies, leading Dean to comment that it was "Womanaconda."
  • While Brock heads off on a mission for the O.S.I., he leaves Molotov Cocktease in charge. She is disgusted with the way Brock lives now, taking care of a family instead of roaming the world doing proper secret agent work. She decides to teach the Ventures how to take care of themselves, but all she really succeeds in is causing Hank to have a crush on her.


  • Brock Samson: Hunter reads off a list of facts from Brock's dossier, which includes:
    • Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska
    • Born to a single mother (a bastard child)
    • Half Swedish, quarter Polish, quarter Winnebago
    • Lost his virginity at age 14
    • Has one brother
    • He enjoyed motorcross
  • Brock's job of protecting Dr. Venture is an official assignment known as Operation Rusty's Blanket. "Rusty" was Dr. Venture's childhood nickname.
  • Hunter Gathers: Colonel Hunter Gathers was the officer who trained Brock. Brock refers to him as "the second-closest thing to a father I ever had." He recently ran off with $40 million in O.S.I. money and their best plastic surgeon. Brock is assigned to kill him because of all of the classified data he knows, but when Brock finally catches up to Hunter, he finds that Hunter is receiving a sex change. Brock decides not to kill him, though he is grossed out by the sex change.
  • Molotov Cocktease: Molotov's eye was apparently pulled out by Brock. He keeps the eye in a jar in his bedroom.
  • Hank Venture: Hank is four minutes older than his brother Dean, and refers to getting "him" (he covers his crotch with his hands) but it is unclear exactly what this means (pubic hair?). He develops a crush on Molotov during her tenure as their bodyguard, and mistakenly believes that his father is trying to keep them apart. Under the influence of a hallucinogen he accidentally injects himself with, he tries to kill his father. Because the weapon he used was paper mâche, all he really succeeds in doing is getting himself grounded.


  • 1x03 - Home Insecurity: Dr. Venture and the boys previously took refuge in the panic room after a bungled assassination attempt by the henchmen of both the Monarch and Baron Ünderbheit.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

References & Allusions

  • Nanny 911: Nanny 911 is a reality series that first appeared in Britain on ITV2 and was later exported to the United States on FOX. The series takes an ordinary family with out of control children and bring in a British nanny to get the house under control. Although Molotov is Russian, that's close enough for the title of the episode.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.: The uniforms worn by Hunter and Brock at the beginning of the episode are similar to the costumes worn by the Marvel Comics counter-terrorism and intelligence agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. (which stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate).
  • Hunter S. Thompson:
  • Winnebago:
  • Land O' Lakes:
  • Poltergeist:
  • The Ice Capades:
  • Dorothy Hamill:
  • Danica Patrick:
  • Mary Lou Retton:
  • Léon: The rules of "no women and no children" for assassins comes directly from Léon (The Professional in the USA). In the movie a hired killer teaches a little girl how to be a "cleaner." In one scene, he tells her those two rules while teaching her how to use a sniper rifle.
  • Dracula:
  • Scooby-Doo:
  • Chinatown: The hysterical plastic surgeon repeating "your father" and "your mother" between being slapped by Brock is a reference to Chinatown, a noir film by Roman Polanski starring Jack Nicholson.
  • Apocalypse Now:

Memorable Moments


  • [During the flashback to Brock's OSI training]

Hunter: Are you prepared to do whatever your country asks of you?
Brock: Yes.
Hunter: Can you keep your head about you when confronted with mind-blowing weirdness at every turn?
Brock: Yes.
Hunter: Are you ready for anything?
Brock: Yes.
(brief pause)
Hunter: Are you still ready for anything?
Brock: Ye-
Hunter: WRONG! (hits Brock with a baton, Brock screams in pain)
Brock: Ow, son of a bitch!
Hunter: Lesson number one, trust no one. The moment God crapped out the third caveman a conspiracy was hatched against one of them! Get up, damn you!

  • [Brock gets a call from Molotov on his video watch]

Molotov: Samson. We have a problem.
Brock: I'm kind of in the middle of something here, Mol. What's the deal, you should be able to handle them?
Molotov: Please. Of course I did. But you neglected to tell me this compound is built on top of an Indian burial ground!
(Indian ghosts swarming the compound)
Brock: Crap, is it the anniversary again already? Sorry. Look, you wanna call Dr. Orpheus, he's a necromancer, he's right over in the east wing. He'll clear that right up, no prob.
(drop zone alarm starts going off)
Brock: I gotta go. Listen, you gotta keep this channel clear unless it's a real emergency.