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Venturebros lovebheits.jpg
Season 2, Episode 7
Airdate August 20, 2006
Written by Jackson Publick
Directed by Jackson Publick
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The Venture Bros.Season Two

Love-Bheits is the seventh episode of the second season of The Venture Bros., and the twenty-second episode overall. The Venture Family pays an unwelcome visit to Ünderland.

Voice Talent: James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture/Catclops/Eunuch 2/Ünderbheit Henchman 1), Patrick Warburton (Brock Samson), Chris McCulloch (Hank Venture/Manservant/Eunuch 1/The Monarch), Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean Venture/Army Guy), T. Rider Smith (Baron Ünderbheit), Mia Barron (Girl Hitler), Brendon Small (Resistance 1)


Plot Overview

The Ventures are in the X-1, heading home from a costume party. Dr. Venture is berating Hank for ruining their Star Wars group theme with his Batman costume when Dr. Venture refuses to take a detour around the skies of Ünderland. Baron Ünderbheit's men alert the Baron, and he activates a magnet that pulls the X-1 down. They manage to crash the cockpit just past the border of Ünderland, but the emergency eject sends them back into the country, where they are captured.

The group is brought before Baron Ünderbheit, who is busy beating up HELPeR. He orders everyone taken to be locked in the pantry (Ünderland has no prisons) while he decides what to do with them. When he spots Dean, he changes his mind and asks Dean to stay for dinner. Dean thinks that the Baron wants to eat him, but it is revealed that Baron Ünderbheit wants to marry Dean (he is dressed as Princess Leia in her slave-girl outfit).

In the pantry, Dr. Venture receives an invitation to the wedding. At that point, a masked man pops in through the walls and they follow him out.

Ünderbheit is excited about the wedding, though no one else is particularly thrilled. Dean gets cleaned up by two eunichs, who discovers he's a boy when they try to give Dean a bath. Rather than tell the Baron, they call a few friends.

T.S., Brock, and Hank are introduced to the resistance, who have made a campaign out of playing lame practical jokes on the Baron. Brock tries to enlist their help in saving Dean, but they're useless. Instead, they head to the wedding on their own, when Dr. Venture accidentally alerts the guards to their presence. After disabling all of them, Brock interrogates the only one still standing. The guard refuses to say anything until Brock finds a lump in his testicle, causing the guard to lose the will to live. He tells them where the wedding is.

On the way up, Hank is separated from his father and Brock. He charges ahead, but is incapacitated down the hall. The wall opens to allow all of them into the observatory, where the wedding has just concluded. The Baron notes with glee that they are too late for the wedding, but Dean finally announces (and shows off) that he is a boy. Catclops charges in and demands the arrest of Baron Ünderbheit — same-sex marriage is illegal in Ünderland. Brock knocks out the Baron, though Catclops and Girl Hitler take the credit. Catclops proposes to Girl Hitler.

The Ventures cross the border from Ünderland into Michigan. Before they leave, one of the operatives gives Dr. Venture an award for "Best Group Costume". Girl Hitler is made president of Ünderland. Her first act is to banish Ünderbheit from Ünderland.

Ünderbheit arrives at the Monarch's cocoon looking for a place to crash.


Arc Advancement


  • The Ventures go to a costume party and lose for the third time because of Hank's Batman costume.
  • The Ventures are taken prisoner in Ünderland, where they are set to be executed. Baron Ünderbheit takes a liking to Dean, thinking he's a girl. The Baron forces Dean to marry him, which breaks Ünderland law since same-sex marriage is illegal.
  • Baron Ünderbheit is exiled from Ünderland. A democracy is established with Girl Hitler as president.


  • Hank: Hank's full name is Henry Allen Venture.
  • Brock: Brock has a tooth (issued by the O.S.I.) filled with arsenic.
  • Baron Ünderbheit: Baron Werner Ünderbheit is the fourth with that name, and he's been married seven times.
  • Manic 8-Ball: Manic 8-Ball survived the explosion from 1x04 and is currently chained up in the Baron's bedroom.
  • Catclops and Girl Hitler: They survived the explosion and formed a resistance movement. However, their resistance amounts to not much more than playing stupid practical jokes. After Baron Ünderbheit breaks the law in marrying Dean, Girl Hitler assumes the presidency of Ünderland and Catclops asks to marry her.


  • 1x04 - Home Insecurity: When the Ventures are captured, there are no holding cells to contain them. Manservant mentioned that all crimes in Ünderland are punishable by death when Dr. Girlfriend gave him a tour of the cocoon. Also referenced from this episode is the "Ünderground," which is composed of two henchmen that Ünderbheit supposedly executed. The third, Manic Eightball, also survived but is forced to act as Ünderbheit's "magic mirror."


The Show

  • Continuity: This episode takes place before 20 Years to Midnight, as evidenced by the fact that the Impossible Family is still together and going to parties in group costume.

Behind the Scenes

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