The Venture Bros./Ice Station - Impossible!

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Ice Station - Impossible!
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate September 18, 2004
Production Number 109
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director(s) Jackson Publick
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Midlife Chrysalis
The Venture Bros.Season One

Ice Station - Impossible! is the seventh episode of the first season of The Venture Bros., and the eighth episode overall.

Guest star: Doc Hammer (Snake Agent), Mia Barron (Sally Impossible), Christopher McCulloch (Race Bannon, Cody, Ned, Industrial Film Narrator, Children), Stephen Colbert (Professor Richard Impossible)


Plot Overview

Dr. Venture, Pete White, and Master Billy Quizboy are invited to take part in a top secret government think tank run by supergenius Professor Impossible (coincidentally their former college professor), but Doc's life is in jeopardy once he learns the dark secrets of Impossible's sequestered family. Meanwhile, Hank has become a walking time bomb thanks to a stolen Cold War syrum, and Brock and Dean must race the clock to save him.


Arc Advancement


  • Dr. Venture joins a think tank run by Professor Richard Impossible. The professor's wife takes an interest in Dr. Venture, who ends up wandering into restricted areas where he meets the rest of the Impossible clan. Instead of simply firing Dr. Venture, Professor Impossible leaves him to die in the middle of the Antarctic.
  • The corpse of Race Bannon turns up at the Venture Compound, along with a highly dangerous serum that Hank is accidentally exposed to. Brock takes the boys to the Impossible labs in search of a cure. Together the think tank manages to come up with a cure for Hank (or the serum might not have worked at all on Hank because it wasn't designed for humans).


  • This is the first appearance of Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy since the pilot. They have also been recruited into the think tank.
  • This is the first appearance of Professor Impossible since the pilot (and the first where he is voiced by Stephen Colbert).
  • Brock worked alongside Race Bannon at some point in their careers.
  • Race's last words are "Tell Jonny I lo-"
  • Sally Impossible is pregnant.




  • Fantastic Four: Professor Impossible and his family are parodies of the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four consisted of a scientist (Reed Richards), his girlfriend (Susan), her brother (Johnny), and a friend (Ben Grimm) who were exposed to cosmic rays while performing an experiment in space; as a result, they all developed super powers (super-stretching, invisibility/invisible shields, flame powers, super strength/rocky appearance). Only Ben Grimm was negatively affected by this, since he no longer appeared human and being a fully intelligent adult, certainly did mind the change.
  • Race Bannon: Jonny Quest was an animated television series about the adventures of a scientist and his two boys (only one of which was his son, the titular Jonny). The Venture Bros. is a parody of this series. Race Bannon was Dr. Quest's bodyguard on the show, so Brock is his equivalent.



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