The Venture Bros./Showdown at Cremation Creek (1)

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Showdown at Cremation Creek (1)
Venturebros cremationcreek01.jpg
Season 2, Episode 12
Airdate October 8, 2006
Written by Doc Hammer
Jackson Publick
Directed by Jackson Publick
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Showdown at Cremation Creek (2)
The Venture Bros.Season Two

Showdown at Cremation Creek (1) is the twelfth episode of the second season of The Venture Bros., and the twenty-seventh episode overall. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend prepare to marry.

Voice Talent: James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture/The Phantom Limb/David Bowie/The Lab Rat), Patrick Warburton (Brock Samson), Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean Venture), Chris McCulloch (Hank Venture/The Monarch/Henchman 24/Klaus/Iggy/The White Oracle), Doc Hammer (Dr. Girlfriend/Henchman 21/Giant Boy Detective), Steven Rattazzi (Dr. Orpheus), Dana Snyder (The Alchemist), Lisa Hammer (Princess Tinglepants), Charles Parnell (Jefferson Twilight)


Plot Overview

Dr. Girlfriend wakes up in a cheap motel room, soon joined by a very happy Monarch. They've been meeting at the motel three times a week, and Dr. Girlfriend is getting a bit tired of it. To placate her, the Monarch proposes. Dr. Girlfriend will accept only on one condition: the Monarch must stop arching Dr. Venture. The Monarch agrees.

One month later, the Monarch's henchmen are all beaten up and the cocoon is a mess. The cause is shown to be Brock Samson, locked in one of the holding cells. The henchmen somehow managed to capture him, but even they thought they dreamed the whole thing.

The Monarch goes to see Phantom Limb, who is out shooting in his yard. Monarch tells Limb about the engagement, but the Phantom Limb already knew. He continues to shoot formerly incarcerated supervillains, most of whom the Monarch knew during his time in prison. Phantom Limb had them all released with the help of a lawyer — Tiny Attorney. Phantom Limb shoots him too.

The Order of the Triad is fighting Torrid, trying to retrieve the All-Seeing Eye. They have a bit of trouble catching him, causing Dr. Orpheus to remark that they need more practice.

The Monarch comes home to find the Venture Family in a cell, and begins to chew out the henchmen. They explain that they were completely wasted after the Monarch's bachelor party, went to get tattoos, and saw Brock getting a tattoo as well, with his back to them. They attacked and managed to knock Brock out, then figured they could get the rest of the family as well. Dr. Girlfriend comes home then, and gets pissed when she sees the Venture Family locked up. The Monarch lies and says that Dr. Venture is his best man (and makes a lame excuse for them being in the cell). Satisfied, Dr. Girlfriend goes off to get ready for the ceremony. Dr. Venture suddenly recognizes Dr. Girlfriend as the woman he went on a few dates with last season.

The Phantom Limb has a conference with the Sovereign, who orders him to leave the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend alone. After the call ends (the Sovereign has a wedding to go to), the Phantom Limb opens his hanger bay, showcasing a huge amount of assembled forces.

The Monarch leads the Ventures off to get them all a change of clothes. Dr. Venture spots one of Dr. Girlfriend's murderous moppets running with a veil, so he splits off from the group, following the midget. When he arrives at Dr. Girlfriend's room, she doesn't recognize him at first. When she finally does, she tries to insist that their prior relationship was strictly business, but Dr. Venture doesn't believe her.

The Alchemist arrives at Dr. Orpheus' lab with a bag of snacks. Dr. Orpheus wants to focus on the supernatural, but the Alchemist instead teases Jefferson Twilight with a bag of Nickel Nips. Eventually the two of them get drunk and start playing Truth or Dare.

Hank ends up in Henchman 21's room making fun of his toys, while Dean is annoying Henchman 24. While playing with the toys, Hank takes the beard off a puppet and puts it on his face, causing Henchman 21 to comment that he should grow a beard. Meanwhile, Dean asks Henchman 24 for a tour of the engine room. Outside the engine room, a henchman hands Dean some radar readouts, asking that he bring them to the Monarch right away. Instead, Dean wanders into the room and the door shuts behind him.

Hank arrives at the wedding and takes his seat next to Sgt. Hatred. David Bowie arrives (with his henchmen Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi) at the wedding to give Dr. Girlfriend away. The ceremony begins, with Henchmen 21 and 24 playing the Wedding March and Henry Killinger presiding.

While Jefferson Twilight lies passed out on the floor, Dr. Orpheus has an argument with the Alchemist, who argues that bringing together the Order of the Triad to fight a supervillain was an idiotic idea. The group breaks up, but just then, Orpheus receives a cosmic message that the Ventures are in danger. The Alchemist wants to help.

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend are at the altar when the Phantom Limb attacks, threatening to kill everyone inside the cocoon if he doesn't get his girlfriend back.


  • This episode eschews the opening and ending credits, displaying the title of the episode after a brief eyecatch and then showing credits during the next scene.

Arc Advancement


  • The Monarch proposes to Dr. Girlfriend and she accepts. However, he must stop arching Dr. Venture. He agrees.
  • The Monarch's henchmen manage to capture Brock and the rest of the Venture Family. To avoid getting the Monarch into trouble with Dr. Girlfriend, they end up making Dr. Venture the best man at the wedding.
  • The Phantom Limb defies a direct order from the Guild Sovereign and attacks the Monarch's and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding.
  • Dr. Orpheus tries to have a spiritual training session with the Order of the Triad but it fails miserably and the group breaks up temporarily.


  • Phantom Limb: He's not too happy about being dumped by Dr. Girlfriend, even going so far as to have several supervillains released from prison that Monarch knew while he was incarcerated and then shooting them. He kills Mr. Monday, Dr. Septapus and White Noise, along with the attorney he hired for them, Tiny Attorney.
  • The Monarch: He admits to arching Dr. Venture for ten years.
  • Dr. Venture: He realizes that Dr. Girlfriend was the woman he dated in Midlife Chrysalis and begins to lust after her again, despite her impending nuptials.
  • The Order of the Triad: They've been fighting Torrid on a regular basis, but not doing as well as they should since they never practice. When they do gather together, the Alchemist admits to Dr. Orpheus that he thinks the whole thing is stupid.
  • The Wedding: Guests at the wedding of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend include Truckules, Sgt. Hatred, Princess Tinyfeet, Monstroso, David Bowie (who is giving away the bride), Klaus Nomi and Iggy Pop.


  • 1x08 - Midlife Chrysalis: Dr. Venture recalls his brief relationship with "Charlene", now realizing that she was Dr. Girlfriend in disguise. Because he was turned into a caterpillar in that episode and she gave him the antedote, he is convinced that she has feelings for him. Additionally in that episode, Brock drew Icarus from the Led Zeppelin album on his test paper, and now we see him getting a tattoo of the same image on his arm.
  • 1x12 - The Trial of the Monarch: Tiny Attorney hasn't been seen since the Phantom Limb captured him, but his whereabouts are revealed when he turns up naked on the Limb's property as part of the Phantom's shooting gallery.
  • 1x11 - Tag Sale - You're IT!: Many of the guests at the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding were also seen as the yard sale held by Dr. Venture.


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