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Dr. Girlfriend
The Venture Bros.
Actor Doc Hammer
First Appearance
Last Appearance June 29, 2008
Series Billing Running
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Basic Information

Dr. Girlfriend is best known for being the matriarch of The Fluttering Horde. She was a long time "#2" for The Monarch as well as being his love kitten. Arguably the only thing that made sense in The Monarch's sad little world, she left him after one too many arguments about her past, spurred on by The Flight of the Monarch and the pictures within. The Monarch's subsequent incarceration was therefore, entirely her fault.

Afterwards she shacked up with Phantom Limb, a archvillain she had previously worked for. She relished her new found freedom with Phantom Limb, but still wasn't very happy. After some counseling with Dr. Henry Killinger she returned to the Monarch. There were however a few conditions. The first was that she would become full partners with The Monarch, no longer being his #2. The second is that he'd give up his vendetta against Dr. Venture, to which The Monarch reluctantly agrees. Their wedding as almost thrown off when the Henchmen drunkenly decide to capture the Venture Family as a wedding gift to The Monarch. The Monarch insists they're there for the wedding, Dr. Venture being his best man. The wedding took place, with some disastrous results, in Showdown at Cremation Creek Part 1 and Part 2.

Dr. Girlfriend enjoys pilates, snacking, and both the movie and book versions of Memoirs of a Geisha. She also favors the color purple for her undergarments.

Character History

Memorable Moments