It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/Charlie Wants an Abortion

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Charlie Wants an Abortion
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 1x02.jpg
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate August 11, 2005
Production Number 1P01003
Writer(s) Charlie Day
Director(s) John Fortenberry
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Underage Drinking: A National Concern
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSeason One

Charlie Wants an Abortion is the second episode of the first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Charlie finds out that he might have a kid and uses it as an opportunity to finally score with the waitress. Mac discovers that abortion rallies are a good place to pick up women and Dennis tries his luck on both sides.

Guest Stars: Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Waitress), Spencer Daniels (Tommy), Autumn Reeser (Megan), Heather Donahue (Stacy Corvelli), Amy Higgins (Receptionist), Esther Ellsworth (Hippie Girl), Sonia Jackson (Crack Whore), Benton Jennings (Pro-Lifer), Cormac Bluestone (Jimmy Doyle), Holly Reiser (Girl with Shirt)


Plot Overview

Charlie finds out that he might have a son. He says that if he had known at the time he would have told her to have an abortion. The gang debate whether the man has a say in an abortion and Mac says that it's up to god. He brings Dennis with him to meet the kid. He tells the mother that he is taking the kid to the park but actually takes him to have their blood tested.

Meanwhile Mac goes to an anti-abortion facility and asks for information. There he notices a girl and signs up for a rally. He decides to go because it is a good place to meet women. Charlie brings the kid back to the bar because he was making a scene at the free clinic. He takes him to the mall with Dee and they see the waitress from the coffee shop. She is there with her little sister from the big brother/big sister program so Charlie tells her that he is in the program too, and that his supposed son is his little brother. She agrees to carpool with him to the group picnic.

At the abortion rally Mac tries to impress the girl he met at the facility by showing her a list of doctors that he says he's going to kill. This turns her on and they make out in a car. Mac tells Dennis and Dee about the abortion rally and so Dennis decides to come with him to the next one. Meanwhile Charlie asks the mother if he can take his supposed kid out on Saturday and she admits that he's not Charlie's kid, but he still wants to take him anyways.

Dennis goes to the rally with Dee on the pro-choice side and notices that there aren't any other guys. But he tries to hit on girls and keeps getting turned down. So he calls Mac and decides to go over on the other side. He climbs the fence and people from both sides starts throwing eggs at him. Megan tells Mac that she is pregnant and he tells her to have an abortion. But in reality she was just testing him.

Back at the bar Charlie found out that the kid got drunk while he was busy bartending. The waitress and her little sister show up as Charlie is screaming at the kid.


  • After this episode FX moved the show from it's Thursday, 10:30 time slot to Thursday, 10:00.

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  • Megan: What's this?
    Mac: That's the list of doctors I'm going to kill.
    Megan: There's two already crossed out.
    Mac: Yeah, I know.
  • Dennis: So do you come to these kind of things often, or?
    Woman: Are you hitting on me at an abortion rally?