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A listing of all the music from the series House, M.D.


  • "Teardrop"
Written by Robert "3D" del Naja, Grant "Daddy G" Marshall, Andrew "Mushroom" Vowles & Elizabeth Fraser (music & lyrics)
Performed by Massive Attack
Notes: Episode 1x02 - Paternity through present


Written by Christopher Hoag
Written by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Season One

1x01 - Pilot

  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (music & lyrics)
Performed by The Rolling Stones

1x02 - Paternity

  • "On Saturday Afternoons in 1963"
Written by Rickie Lee Jones (music & lyrics)
Performed by Rickie Lee Jones

1x03 - Occam's Razor

  • "One"
Written by Harry Nilsson (music & lyrics)
Performed by Three Dog Night

1x04 - Maternity

  • None this episode.

1x05 - Damned If You Do

  • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
Written by Johnny Marks (music & lyrics)
Performed by John Denver
  • "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
Written by Anonymous (music & lyrics)
Performed by Paul & Brenda Neal
  • "Silent Night"
Written by Franz Xaver Gruber (music) & Rev. Josef Mohr (lyrics)
Performed by Hugh Laurie

1x06 - The Socratic Method

  • "Happy Birthday to You"
Written by Mildred Hill (music) & Patty Hill (lyrics)
Performed by Hugh Laurie

1x07 - Fidelity

  • None this episode.

1x08 - Poison

  • None this episode.

1x09 - DNR

  • "What a Wonderful World"
Written by George David Weiss & Bob Thiele (music & lyrics)
Performed by Louis Armstrong

1x10 - Histories

  • "On Fire Like This"
Written by Matty Nash (music & lyrics)
Performed by Mutaytor
  • "Trip Like I Do"
Performed by The Crystal Method

1x11 - Detox

  • "You Don't Have to Worry"
Written by Wayne Jones and Windy Wagner (music & lyrics)
Performed by Windy Wagner
  • "Feelin' Alright"
Written by Dave Mason (music & lyrics)
Performed by Joe Cocker

1x12 - Sports Medicine

  • "You Better Stop"
Written by Wayne Jones and Robert L. Wyckoff (music & lyrics)
Performed by Robert L. Wyckoff
  • "I Never Saw It Coming"
Written by Wayne Jones and Windy Wagner (music & lyrics)
Performed by Windy Wagner

1x13 - Cursed

  • None this episode.

1x14 - Control

  • "Baba O'Riley"
Written by Pete Townshend (music & lyrics)
Performed by The Who
  • "Hava Nagila"
Written by Anonymous (music & lyrics)
Performed by Klezmer-Fiesta

1x15 - Mob Rules

  • "Crazy World"
Written by Wayne Jones and Daniel Moynahan (music & lyrics)
Performed by Daniel Moynahan

1x16 - Heavy

  • "Got to Be More Careful"
Written by Jon Cleary (music & lyrics)
Performed by Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen

1x17 - Role Model

  • "High Hopes"
Written by Jimmy Van Heusen (music) & Sammy Cahn (lyrics)
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "It's Okay to Think About Ending"
Written by Aaron Espinoza (music & lyrics)
Performed by Earlimart

1x18 - Babies & Bathwater

  • "Happiness"
Written by Grant Lee Phillips (music & lyrics)
Performed by Grant Lee Buffalo

1x19 - Kids

  • None this episode.

1x20 - Love Hurts

  • "Some Devil"
Written by Dave Matthews (music & lyrics)
Performed by Dave Matthews

1x21 - Three Stories

  • None this episode.

1x22 - Honeymoon

  • "I Call It Love"
Written by Wayne Jones and Windy Wagner (music & lyrics)
Performed by Windy Wagner
  • "Delia"
Written by Gary Atkinson (music & lyrics)
Performed by Blind Willie McTell
  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (music & lyrics)
Performed by The Rolling Stones

Season Two

2x01 - Acceptance

  • "Hallelujah"
Written by Leonard Cohen (music & lyrics)
Performed by Jeff Buckley

2x02 - Autopsy

  • "Beautiful"
Written by Linda Perry (music & lyrics)
Performed by Christina Aguilera
  • "Nessun Dorma"
Written by Giacomo Puccini
  • "In the Deep"
Written by Bird York (music) & Michael Becker (lyrics)
Performed by Bird York
  • "Beautiful"
Written by Linda Perry (music & lyrics)
Performed by Elvis Costello

2x03 - Humpty Dumpty

  • "Duérmete, Mi Niño"
Preformed by Christine Avila
  • "Delicate"
Written by Damien Rice (music & lyrics)
Performed by Damien Rice

2x04 - TB or Not TB

  • "Stranger in a Strange Land"
Written by Leon Russell (music) & Don Preston (lyrics)
Performed by Leon Russell

2x05 - Daddy's Boy

  • "Word Up"
Written by Larry Blackmon and Tomi Jenkins (music & lyrics)
Performed by Korn

2x06 - Spin

  • "None of Us Are Free"
Written by Barry Mann (music) & Brenda Russell and Cynthia Weil (lyrics)
Performed by Solomon Burke

2x07 - Hunting

  • "Crystalline Green"
Written by Goldfrapp (music & lyrics)
Performed by Goldfrapp
  • "Colors"
Written by Amos Lee (music & lyrics)
Performed by Amos Lee

2x08 - The Mistake

  • None this episode

2x09 - Deception

  • "Christmas Time Is Here"
Written by Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson (music)
Performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio

2x10 - Failure to Communicate

  • None this episode

2x11 - Need to Know

  • "Serenade"
Written by Sigmund Romberg (music) & Dorothy Donnelly (lyrics)
Performed by Hugh Laurie

2x12 - Distractions

  • "Get Miles"
Written by Gomez (music & lyrics)
Performed by Gomez

2x13 - Skin Deep

  • "Atom Bomb"
Written by Fluke (music & lyrics)
Performed by Fluke
  • "French Suite #5 in G Major Allemande"
Written by Johann Sebastian Bach (music)
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "Desire"
Written by Ryan Adams (music & lyrics)
Performed by Ryan Adams

2x14 - Sex Kills

  • "Honky Tonk Women"
Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (music & lyrics)
Performed by Taj Mahal

2x15 - Clueless

  • "Love and Happiness"
Written by Mabon "Teenie" Hodges (music) & Al Green (lyrics)
Performed by Al Green

2x16 - Safe

  • "Orange Sky"
Written by Alexi Murdoch (music & lyrics)
Performed by Alexi Murdoch
  • "Pain in My Heart"
Written by Naomi Neville (music & lyrics)
Performed by Otis Redding

2x17 - All In

  • "Deed I Do"
Written by Fred Rose (music) & Walter Hirsch (lyrics)
Performed by Diana Krall
  • "Hymn to Freedom"
Written by Oscar Peterson (music)
Performed by Hugh Laurie

2x18 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

  • None this episode

2x19 - House vs. God

  • "Oh Happy Day"
Written by Edwin Hawkins (music) & Joseph Shabalala (lyrics)
Performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
Preformed by Thomas Dekker
  • "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
Written by Charles Converse (music) & Joseph Scriven (lyrics)
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "My Journey to the Sky"
Written by Anonymous (music & lyrics)
Performed by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

2x20 - Euphoria (1)

  • None this episode

2x21 - Euphoria (2)

  • "One Safe Place"
Written by Phil Galdston (music) & Marc Cohn (lyrics)
Performed by Marc Cohn

2x22 - Forever

  • "Over Yonder"
Written by Howard Hunt, Jr.
Performed by The American Boychoir

2x23 - Who's Your Daddy?

  • "Tipitina"
Performed by Roy Bird

2x24 - No Reason

  • None this episode

Season Three

3x01 - Meaning

  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (music & lyrics)
Performed by The Rolling Stones
  • "Feel Good Inc."
Written by Gorillaz and D. Jolicoeur (music & lyrics)
Performed by Gorillaz

3x02 - Cane and Able

  • "Gravity"
Written by John Mayer (music & lyrics)
Performed by John Mayer

3x03 - Informed Consent

  • "Prelude Suite #1 in G major"
Written by Johann Sebastian Bach (music)
Performed by Yo-Yo Ma
  • "Into Dust"
Written by Hope Sandoval and David Roback (music & lyrics)
Performed by Mazzy Star

3x04 - Lines in the Sand

  • "Waiting on an Angel"
Written by Ben Harper (music & lyrics)
Performed by Ben Harper

3x05 - Fools for Love

  • "Walter Reed"
Written by Michael Penn (music & lyrics)
Performed by Michael Penn

3x10 - Merry Little Christmas

  • "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane (music & lyrics)
Performed by Ella Fitzgerald
  • "Zat You, Santa Claus?"
Written by J. Fox (music & lyrics)
Performed by Louis Armstrong

3x11 - Words and Deeds

  • "Season of the Witch"
Performed by Donovan

3x12 - One Day, One Room

  • "Listen Here"
Performed by Eddie Harris
  • "Grey Room"
Performed by Damien Rice

3x13 - Needle in a Haystack

  • "In The Waiting Line"
Performed by Zero 7

3x14 - Insensitive

  • "Hit the Ground"
Performed by Lizz Wright

3x15 - Half-Wit

  • "Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53 'Waldstein': I. Allegro con brio"
Written by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • "I Don't Like Mondays"
Performed by The Boomtown Rats
  • "Symphony in C: III. Scherzo. Allegro Vivace"
Written by Georges Bizet
  • "Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53 'Waldstein': III. Rondo, Allegretto moderato, Prestissimo"
Written by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • "Rainy Day Lament"
Performed by Joe Purdy
  • "The Entertainer"
Performed by Scott Joplin
  • "See The World"
Performed by Gomez

3x16 - Top Secret

  • "Get Down Tonight"
Performed by K.C. & The Sunshine Band
  • "Dimension"
Performed by Wolfmother
  • "Trout Piano Quintet in A major"
Written by Franz Schubert
  • "Superfly"
Performed by Curtis Mayfield

3x17 - Fetal Position

  • "Bastards of Young"
Performed by The Replacements
  • "Are You Alright?"
Performed by Lucinda Williams

3x18 - Airborne

  • "Hope for the Hopeless"
Performed by A Fine Frenzy

3x20 - House Training

  • "Follow the Leader"
Performed by Matthew Ryan

3x21 - Family

  • "Highway To Hell"
Performed by AC/DC
  • "Ain't No Reason"
Performed by Brett Dennen

3x22 - Resignation

  • "Whole Lotta Lovin'"
Performed by Otis Rush

3x23 - The Jerk

  • "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
Performed by Iron Butterfly

3x24 - Human Error

  • "Slippery When Wet"
Performed by The Commodores
  • "Since I Fell for You"
Performed by Ramsey Lewis
  • "Good Man"
Performed by Josh Ritter

Season Four

4x01 - Alone

  • None this episode

4x02 - The Right Stuff

  • None this episode

4x03 - 97 Seconds

  • "Let Me In"
Performed by Hot Hot Heat
  • "Not As We"
Performed by Alanis Morissette

4x04 - Guardian Angels

  • "All My Life"
Performed by DJ Harry

4x05 - Mirror Mirror

  • "We're Going To Be Friends"
Performed by The White Stripes

4x06 - Whatever It Takes

  • "One Big Holiday"
Performed by My Morning Jacket
  • "Whatta Man"
Performed by Salt n' Pepa
  • "I Idolize You"
Performed by Lizz Wright

4x07 - Ugly

  • *Slide Away"
Performed by The Verve
  • "My Home Is In Your Head"
Performed by Joseph Arthur

4x08 - You Don't Want to Know

  • None this episode

4x09 - Games

  • "Nicotine Caffeine"
Performed by Alan Milman Sect & Man-Ka-Zam
  • "Kicked Out"
Performed by Pussy Galore
  • "Spirit in the Sky"
Performed by Norman Greenbaum

4x10 - It's a Wonderful Lie

  • "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
Performed by Frank Sinatra
  • "Love For Christmas"
Performed by Felix Gross
  • "Trim Your Tree"
Performed by Jimmy Butler
  • "The Little Drummer Boy"
Performed by The Fab Four
  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Performed by Roy Hargrove
  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
Performed by The Ramsey Lewis Trio
  • "Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas?"
Performed by The Staple Singers

4x11 - Frozen

  • "Let's Get It On"
Performed by Marvin Gaye
  • "Human"
Performed by Civil Twilight
  • "Awake"
Performed by Mungal

4x12 - Don't Ever Change

  • "Niggun of the Alter Rebbe"
Performed by Richard Kaplan
  • "Jerry Weintraub"
Performed by Waldeck
  • "Nani, Nani"
Performed by Accentus Ensemble
  • "Waiting On A Friend"
Performed by Rolling Stones

4x13 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

  • "I Want It"
Performed by Kristen Mari
  • "Everyday People"
Performed by Sly & The Family Stone
  • "You Keep Me Hangin' On"
Performed by The Supremes

4x14 - Living the Dream

  • "Needles In My Eyes"
Performed by The Beta Band

4x15 - House's Head (1)

  • "U A Freak (Nasty Girl)"
Performed by Chingy
  • "There's No F*cking Rules, Dude"
Performed by !!! Chk Chik Chick

4x16 - Wilson's Heart (2)

  • "Teardrop"
Performed by José González
  • "Re: Stacks"
Performed by Bon Iver
  • "Light For The Deadvine"
Performed by People In Planes
  • "Passing Afternoon"
Performed by Iron & Wine

Season Five

5x01 - Dying Changes Everything

  • None this episode

5x02 - Not Cancer

  • "Vice"
Performed by The Crystal Method
  • "You Might Die Trying"
Performed by Dave Matthews Band

5x03 - Adverse Events

  • "First Brain"
Performed by The Crystal Method
  • "Drown in My Own Tears"
Written by Ray Charles
Performed by Hugh Laurie and Michael Weston

5x04 - Birthmarks

  • "MMMBop"
Performed by Hanson

5x05 - Lucky Thirteen

  • "Cheap and Cheerful"
Performed by The Kills
  • "Could We Survive"
Performed by Joseph Arthur
  • "Dark Road"
Performed by Annie Lennox

5x06 - Joy

  • "Fire"
Performed by Daniel Lanois

5x07 - The Itch

  • "I'm in Love with a Girl"
Performed by Alex Chilton

5x08 - Emancipation

  • "Through the Dark"
Performed by Alexi Murdock

5x09 - Last Resort

  • "It's Not the Same"
Performed by Yppah
  • "Herzog"
Performed by Clark
  • "Glue of the World"
Performed by Four Tet
  • "A Chronicle of Early Failures"
Performed by The Dead Texan
  • "Between the Lines"
Performed by Bonobo

5x10 - Let Them Eat Cake

  • "Coconut"
Performed by Harry Nilsson

5x11 - Joy to the World

  • "Joy to the World"
Performed by child extras in show
  • "The Christmas Song"
Performed by child extras in show
  • "Jingle Bell Rock"
Performed by Bobby Helms
  • "Whisper"
Performed by A Fine Frenzy
  • "The Christmas Song"
Performed by Gavin DeGraw

5x12 - Painless

  • "I Still Care for You"
Performed by Ray LaMontagne

5x13 - Big Baby

  • "On My Side"
Performed by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

5x14 - The Greater Good

  • "Brand New Day"
Performed by Joshua Radin

5x15 - Unfaithful

  • "Firesuite"
Performed by Doves

5x16 - The Softer Side

  • "$300"
Performed by Soul Coughing
  • "Bobski 2000"
Performed by Galactic

5x17 - The Social Contract

  • "MMMBop"
Performed by Hanson
  • "The Shining"
Performed by Badly Drawn Boy

5x18 - Here Kitty

  • "Stranglehold"
Performed by Ted Nugent
  • "I Can't Say No"
Written by Rodgers & Hammerstein
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "I'm Not Drowning"
Performed by Steve Winwood

5x19 - Locked In

  • None this episode

5x20 - Simple Explanation

  • "Lose You"
Performed by Pete Yorn

5x21 - Saviors

  • "This Land Is Your Land"
Performed by the actors and extras in show
  • "Georgia on My Mind"
Performed by Hugh Laurie

5x22 - House Divided

  • "Fight the Power"
Performed by Public Enemy
  • "Spread Your Love"
Performed by Vibrolux
  • "Do What You Wanna (Mr. Scruff's Soul Party Remix)"
Performed by Ramsey Lewis & Mr. Scruff
  • "American Cowboy"
Performed by Jada
  • "Bumblebeez 81"
Performed by Pink Fairy Floss

5x23 - Under My Skin

  • "String Quartet No. 2 (Company)"
Performed by Philip Glass
  • "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
Performed by Anne Dudek
  • "Never Had Nobody Like You"
Performed by M. Ward
  • "MMMBop"
Performed by Hanson (House's ringtone)
  • "Enjoy Yourself"
Performed by Anne Dudek
  • "Drive"
Performed by Dawn Landes

5x24 - Both Sides Now

  • "The Trolley Song"
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "China Grove"
Performed by The Doobie Brothers
  • "As Tears Go By"
Performed by Vitamin String Quartet
  • "As Tears Go By"
Performed by The Rolling Stones

Season Six

6x01 - Broken, Part 1

  • "No Surprises"
Performed by Radiohead
  • "Little Cabin Song"
Performed by Billy Moon, Sharkey & Zooks from the Spark
  • "Kinderszenen Op. 15"
Written by Schumann
Performed by Franka Potente (Lydia)
  • "Love Vigilantes"
Performed by Iron and Wine
  • "Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: Allegro Con Brio"
Written by Beethoven
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "Poison Pushy"
Performed by Stanton Moore
  • "No Smoke Without Fire"
Performed by James Hunter
  • "Impromptu #3 in B flat"
Written by Schubert
Performed by Franka Potente (Lydia)
  • "For He Is an Englishman"
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "Harmonia"
Performed by Cass McCombs
  • "I Do Not Fear Jazz"
Performed by Big Strides
  • "Life"
Performed by Sly & The Family Stone
  • "No Moon at All"
Performed by unknown
  • "Night Train"
Performed by unknown
  • I Love Paris"
Performed by Cole Porter
  • "Every Time We Say Goodbye"
Performed by Cole Porter
  • "Kinderszenen Op. 15"
Written by Schumann
Performed by Hugh Laurie
  • "Macarena"
Performed by Los Del Rio
  • "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You"
Performed by Jack Potnick, Curtis Armstrong, and Alex Désert (Hal, Richtor and Jay-Bird)
  • "The Magic Flute"
Written by Mozart
Performed by unknown (played by music box)
  • "Cello Suite #1, Prelude in G Major"
Written by Bach
Performed by Ana Lenchantin (Silent Girl)
  • "Seven Day Mile"
Performed by The Frames

6x02 - Broken, Part 2

See 6x01

6x03 - Epic Fail